Posted by: guinness222 | August 12, 2008

Short and sweet,…but cynical as hell!

At 63 I am entitled, nay, obligated, to re-evaluate my very being and existance on this earth,….which I did! The result? There are a couple of million other human beings that don’t belong here! And worse yet they think they do!
Questions for the great Oracle for today:
1. Why is it that everyone thinks , despite no training , education, or significant neurological testing, that they know far better than you, who have trained, been educated, been tested and qualified, and they know your job better than you?
2. Why is it you can not just have a universal, international symbol that says “stay away, don’t bother me, don’t talk to me, don’t even look in my direction,….and YES it’s more than a ‘bad hair day’ ”
3. I’m not a rocket scientist, but,…DUH! We all understood the sub-prime ortgage debaucle, people were give mortgages that under any reasonable or sane situation they never should have gotten with, I BELIEVE, the full knowledge of the lenders, that they’d never be able to pay them, which is why they sold all that “paper” and vanished. Now they are saying the “Prime” rate mortgages are starting to fail as well, the faiures have more than doubled since January! Just a thought on these, which were supposedly “vetted” and far better candidates for mortgages, …could it be they simply AIN’T MAKING ENOUGH ANY MORE as prices,and everything else but wages have gone up? Just a wild ass guess here, what do you think Oracle?
4. Why is it that ashard as I try, and as many times as I listen, I don’t understand a word Barrack Obama says? Great “One for the gipper” shit, but what is he actually saying? Oh I guess the one thing he’s fairly clear on is that he is going to raise taxes, so why , for just that alone, isn’t the dude gonna be sweeping the floors at the Democratic Convention, instead of accepting the nomination as President? Are you all that daft that you want more taxes?
5. CNN reported today that in five years there will be an extremely severe shortage of large animal veteranians, and that the whole food supply may be endangered, the ability to combat bio-terrorism may be comppromised, etc. etc. etc. Seems there’s more money and glamour in takig care of Fido and Muffy, and Bon-Bon than shoving an ultrasound up a cow’s butt to check on the calf, so that’s where the newmly minted vets are going. What’s the problem? We just have to adapt and eat smaller animals! But I draw the line at filleting goldfish!
6. Why is it that regardless of all the new fancy high tech world we live in ninety percent of all the new clothes you buy shrink when you wash them? You would think they could come up with some kind of fabric that is natural, not made from polyester or nylon, or re-cycled milk jugs, that could be treated not to shrink. Either that or something that did not make me expand between the time I buy the shirt, wash it and wear it.
7. Why is it the “wealthy” who used to demand the huge SUV’s and quasi tanks for the ‘soccer moms” to haul the kids, don’t realize that when they trade them in for smaller more efficient vehicles they simply go to the used car market, get auctioned off to questionably unethical “used car sales outfits” who sell them to poor folks who can not afford to repair them, put gas in them and must resort to sticking up 7-11’s for gas money! And they wonder why the crime rate is up?
8. Why is it that as great as this country is, and the fact that every single turkey, chicken, side of beef, prok and lamb all are inspected by the Department of Agriculture and certified as to level and germ, bacteria and virus levels as safe to consume, but there is not a single regulation, guideline or “inspector” for any type of fish or seafood product we get at the market? Forget the “incredible edible egg” (inspected by the way), maybe we should just eat nothing but fish. Make them into a breakfast cereal, (Tuna Flakes, breakfast of Champions, or a commercial where the little kid runs up, tugs on his mom’s apron and looks up with big brown eyes and says, “Mom, can Bobby stay for lunch and have a Grouperbutter and Jellyfish sandwich with me?”) I hate fish, except canned tuna.
9. Why isn’t Andy Rooney of 60 minutes our new President? Huh?
10. Why do I just want it to be February 1st and no more elections, inaugurations, and we’re halfway through winter already, plus I’ve lost thirty-eight pounds on the diet I was on while I “warped” over to February 1st from August 12th?

Ok great Oracle, give me some damn answers would you?

Oh, one last question, can anyone tell me how to turn on the damn spellcheck on wordpress? A million happy thoughts if you can.


  1. Question 2
    “Why is it you can not just have a universal, international symbol that says “stay away, don’t bother me, don’t talk to me, don’t even look in my direction,….and YES it’s more than a ‘bad hair day’ “

    You gotta develop a crazy look. Would have messed with me and Johnny on a Friday night after three 30 packs and a couple of JD’s when we were sitting within reach of the cue stick rack? I don’t think so.

    Questions 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
    Answers – either stupidity or greed. Face it, earthlings are inferior creatures. Religion tries to hide that fact by calling it ‘original sin’. No sins are original, somebody somewhere has done anything you can think of.

    How do I use it?

    On the “Write Post” page there should be a new button called “Check Spelling”. Click it. You will get a new window that performs the spelling checking. Note that you must have Javascript enabled for this to work. You must also have the “aspell” executable on your hosting machine for this to work as that is the spelling service provider used.

    Send me some tough questions, will ya? Hell of a Jesuit you’d make.

  2. I don’t know and I don’t give a shit. Any country that would elect Obama president isn’t worth worrying about.

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