Posted by: guinness222 | August 13, 2008

“… the perfect cartoon after a hard day at the office.”

      So, sure hope the church Lady isn’t reading this! But I got to tell you there are a lot of great folks out there in blogger land. This one came from a girl I met who blogs, has four kids, is 16 years in the Air Force, has a great husband, and is human. She’s in my ‘blogroll ” to the right.

     Ok Lucy, you can substitute the word “smoking” for drinking in the above cartoon.

      Another question for the Oracle. When I type up my blog entry, I indent properly, I puctuate properly, and it still comes out in a block of text with no indents, no paragraph breaks, etc. Which button am I not hitting correctly?

     Had a Board meeting with one of my Assoications yesterday, and as I rise this morning looking forward to “sunshine and lollipops”, I’m met with monsoon type winds, driving rain (we have a skylight at the top of our stairs in the hall and it sounds like all the drummers from a heavy metal rock concert doing their thing on it!) anyhow, shoot up the cat (insulin), grab my steaming cup of coffee, head for “the Pit”, fire up the ‘puter, and lo and behold (I use that expression too much, any other suggestions to denote surprise, and I hate “Guess What?”) my first of 26 e-mails is from one of the Board members with a shopping list of “things to do”,….sigh,….add that to my get it all lined up and going tasks for today. But I did succeed in getting the Board to all agree they were happy working with me so we could forego the “due diligence” they usually do every year with other management companies to be sure I stay on my toes!

     Well that out of the way, I’m going to sign off for now and plan on writing later from my office. (Boss Guy had a Board meeting with the Assoication from Hell last night, always fun to see him the next morning. Even my years in the Navy don’t matter and I learn even more unique and meaningful ways to string swears together, better than some of the insults I learned from a Palestinian Friend back in the late 60’s, before the time of “evil empires” where all of us could talk together.

       Have a great day.




    Look towards the bottom of the page. Let me know if you remain daft about this 😉

  2. Look, if you are reading this comment you are not doing your ‘do diligence.’ So click out and go to work. Slacker!

  3. Coffeypot,
    You shamed me into actually working hard today for my clients. Enough of that shit, time to play,…..ooops! process server in the lobby, another condo owner bites the dust! (Nine times out of ten it’s a foreclosure notice by the bank, got a lot of that lately!

    Guess I should learn to scroll more often, or… you have a blog out there? Something really pithy like, “the xenon chronicles”, or maybe “Bob Dylan is my twin brother”, or perhaps something like “red shit, green shit,blue shit” (That still cracks me up from our old days)

  4. Hee Hee, so very very true.

    I forget you’re a Navy man, I learnt my best swear words from my grandmother who is ex-Navy, mouth like a sailor that one 🙂

  5. “do you have a blog out there? Something really pithy like, “the xenon chronicles”, or maybe “Bob Dylan is my twin brother”

    Tommy, see how my name, Lucy also, is a red brown color? Click on it – its a link and will take you to my blog.

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