Posted by: guinness222 | August 15, 2008

Someone refresh me here,…please??

     We are Georgia’s ally, right? Bush and Putin were eating steamed dumplings together in Beijing this week, when the shit hit’s the fan, right? So did I sleep too long or what?

     “Ally” -” to unite, or form a relationship with” so says Merrian-Webster’s dictionary. That means friend, someone you stand up to the bully over, that kind of thing. You don’t send Condi Rice straight to the United Republic of Quitters to meet “I got me a badass wife” Sarkozy to draw up a peace accord!

     George, you’re from Texas, you should have sent Prime Minister “Pukin'” a squished steamed dumplin’ and a note. Sweet, polite, too the point,..”Either knock that shit off now or you ain’t never comin’ to the Ranch for BBQ anymore!”

     And then Condi goes whizzing into Tribilsi to get with their President for a “Sign here, or we’ll leave you’re sorry ass to the Russians to kick.”session Then it goes like this, Condi looks at his signature, smiles and then says, “Ok get your sorry ass over to the other podium and shut the hell up. I’ll handle this. Ok let the press dudes in and warm up the plane, I got better things to do than hang out in podunk Georgia with you idiots this afternoon.”

     Room fills, Condi gets her game face on, (same face she always has, but darker lipstick for emphasis) and then rattles on for five minute while the President is keeping his podium from falling over. “…And again I say to Russia, the President of Georgia signed this peace accord, old scaredy cat Sardozy worte it and eight or nine other whimps agreed, so tell your guys pick up their marbles and go home. We got ten plane loads of FEMA supplies left over from a sprinkler pipe that broke in a Kansas school arriving this afternoon for distribution to the Georgian people,…and you best not mess with us becasue we’ll talk you to death,…got it?

      GW,…just do like a guy I used to work for did, lose it big time, and be sure you got all the problems Obama could ever get his fingers into in the next four years on this planet, then turn them  all into molten glass piles before you go back to Crawford for the 2009 opening parade of the Crawford Little League next spring.


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