Posted by: guinness222 | August 17, 2008

Facebook,…could it be that easy?

   Several weeks ago a “blogger” friend named Jezzy signed off blogging for a while with the notation that she was going to devote more time to her “Facebook page”, and if I wanted to see her page just send a comment to her blog, so I did, she did, and I wound up getting fascinated with Face book.

    Everything with a caveat of course, mine was probably a typical misconception that only perverts, pedophiles and “certifiable whackos” did the Myspace/Facebook thing, ( besides stupid children who had not yet figured out what “common sense” is all about)  and the way the world is today these my space things seem to be the same as the old “Say little kid, would you like a piece of candy?” from my day, (teradactyl period). I could picture me commenting on something, innocently, and two days later the Department of Homeland Security, Scotland Yard, the “Initial dudes”, i.e. FBI CIA, DEA and the whole lot of them are “dropping by and chatting with me”. I don’t want no part of that, even by accident! But I decided to give the Facebook thing a shot.

      It seemed too easy so I figured I was missing something. My kids were on it, even my month or so old new grandaughter is on it! (How’d she ever figure out the keyboard that fast, maybe she had “wireless in the womb” or some other new technology Bill Gates figured and kids begin to get “Windows Vista Orientation” beginning at inception!

        ” A compact, complete, easy to understand specially designed pre-natal curriculum for your fetus to insure they are already on the cutting edge when they are finally born, only $299.95, with a free upgrade to Vista Student, version 863A Service pak 27 when they can type! Call now, or not,…. We already know your Obstetrician.”

        So yesterday I bought the book and have alrteady gone through the first 80 pages becasue I already did it. (“Hmmm, …wonder what this button does.) Now I’m into “Understanding Facebook Friends”, still pretty simple and easy, but I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know the 65 e-mails with the “Hi! Saw your info on Facebook,….” all going on to offer me more different ways to have sex with an eggplant than I really need to know!” And worse yet since my kids are all now “friends” they too will be getting them and freaking out that I’m the one losing it and turning into a genuine real “dirty old man”, but like in Tom Cruise’s movie “Risky Business” ,”…every once in a while you gotta say **********”.

       The book had some words of encouragement though. It says,..”over half of all new Facebook members count themselves among the 25-and-older crowd, so it’s just not college kids anymore.” Boy am I relieved! Let me just go in and load up my credit card numbers and bank account passwords!

      So now I guess I gotta load up some of my pictures (oh shit, only about 20 “digital” ones the rest are the old 35mm kind and prints. Time to try and scan some stull and see how it goes. I’ll try one now and see, ) “…and we’ll be right back after this word from our sponsor.

Hurricane Georges 1998

Hurricane Georges 1998

       I mean why not? In fact if you look closely you will probably find it in the “No Child left behind” Act.






    Cool!! Well I guess this means I’ll have to go out and take some more pictures, maybe a few this afternoon, but not many til this damn humidity goes away! I prefer to drink water not inhale it!

     In fact since I have some time I think I’ll scan in some of the pixs of my old pub and share those on my facebook as well.

     Oh! Before I forget I have the last class this  Friday and Saturday over in Panama City for my requirements to apply for the ultimate career designation in this field I work in, that of Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) so I’ll be out of touch next week end then biting fingernails for four weeks while they grade the final exams. Time to start seriously career hunting once I pass this hurdle. Sure would like a little money before I retire. Just never fancied me sticking up 7-11 stores and the like for beer money!


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