Posted by: guinness222 | August 18, 2008

A REAL quick one.

About fifteen moinutes til I have to go see the Doc, (Stop drinking beer, exercise, eat vegatables and thrive like the other people) Are you kidding me? A midevil tourture would be preferable, please oh great God of all above, make the test results so good he’ll put a sock in it! (Thank You!) And my wife is demanding a copy of the blood results, “What you won’t believe me?” 🙂

     Anyway when I was working on the Facebook thing this weekend I uploaded a series of pixs starting when I waas three years old, (don’t groan there are only ten of them so far.) And the title, when it refused to let me continue until I put something in to the space, that hit me was “Angela’s Ashes to  Hurricanes, Life’s Journey” Is that a way cool title or what? Maybe I’lll think about expanding on it.

     When I think that there are pictures of me in my office as the Accounting manager for a huge firm, and NO COMPUTER on my desk!! Just an old adding machine, and the other things we take for grated today, gonna have to ruminate on that one for a while today.

    Back at you later tonight or tomorrow morning.


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