Posted by: guinness222 | August 20, 2008

Blues is gooooooood!

      When I got to the office today for some unknown reason I decided to take a CD into the office with me to play on my desktop,….and I grabbed the Cowboy Junkies, Trinity Session. Man I forgot how good that whole CD was overall. It was thier very first recording and they were broke (surprise!!) anyway they, two brothers, a sister with a liquid velvet voice that could get me to “bark like a dog”, and a dude that knows his way around a really cool bass track.

       The unique thing about them is that they recorded this entire album in one take, using only ONE microphone, and in a Church called the Church of the Holy Trinity, in Toronto, Canada!

      The opening tune, “Mining for Gold” is only 1:31 minutes long, the big key is that it was sung accapella, and flawlessly. It talks to the coal miners scourge the silycosis or “black Lung” disease most of them died decades earlier than they had to from it. That is followed by my favorite tune “Misguided Angel” again the plaintive liquid velet voice, a harmonica, gentle guitar and an “alive” bass. Listening to the words is mellow out to the max.

      The third cut is the old blues standard “Blue Moon, but I guarantee you’ve never heard it done so well and from so deep in ones soul!

      Go get it, or order it from itunes, you won’t be disappointed, (and I haven’t got a lick of work done since I turned it on!) I’m going to google them now and see what they are doing, they certainly were no “flash in the pan”.



  1. I’ll have to go check them out, if nothing else to get “Happy trails to you, until we meet again..” out of my head (thanks to the headline of your last post).

  2. I haven’t heard of the either, but I’ll check’em out.

    Happy trails my ass… I think Roy was gay. Have you ever looked at his clothes, how tight they are and all the sequins and frills? I bet Trigger was stump broke, too.

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