Posted by: guinness222 | August 20, 2008

“Happy trails to you,…until we meet again!”

    I’m getting very concerned about the sheer number of “original” bloggers who are falling by the wayside. This morning another of my favorite, “wouldn’t want to mess with her,…but you gotta love her” bloggers “Much Ado about sumthin” just signed off. Last month my friend Jezzy from Australia decided to hang it up, and some other favs, like “Whine girl” also just evaporating into the ether layer.

     Perhaps blogging is the new “therapy” of life, (in that case folks you’ll be reading me for a long, long time!) It is definately going to put a lot of used couches on the market.

      My fellow Americans, news flash. Between 1939 and 1960  Ted Williams played left field for the Boston Red Sox,(minus 2 stints as a U.S. Marine Corps Fighter Pilot in WWII, and the Korean War) then the mantle was passed to Carl Yaztremski, until 1983, well just got a news flash over my B’berry, Carl has been admitted to the hospital. Mentally I still picture him in my mind as a skilled athletic ball player.

         Being a proper Red Sox Fan, I immediately called my wife, also a red sox fan to tell her. And her comment? “What do you expect he’s an old man, they all die sometime! Get over it.” By the way , later news says he’s needing a by-pass, and he is only 68,….shit that’s five years older than me!    (Glad her mourning period for me will be short, then she can get on with life. :))   

More breaking news, actually found the definition of a blog this morning:  the definition Urban Dictionarycooked up is often more apropos. “A meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life.”

    Well after that ego boost,…I’ll be right back. 

    So now I’m racing weather again! This damn Tropical Storm, Fay, seems to be inclined to boomerang back over the mainland of Floirda, coming in around St. Augustine or Jacksonville, and taking the main East-West Interstate Hwy 10 across the northern Panhandle towar Pensacola! While I’m gearing up to do battle with her. I have been taking classes for four years now, working toward my final professional accreditation as an Association Manager, and my last class is this Friday and Saturday in Panama City, about fifty miles east of here. Apparently that’s about the same time Fay is going by Panama City, but hopefully she’ll just be a rainy wind storm by then (She better I’m not waiting another three years for this course, nor am I going to Boulder Colorado, or Seattle Washington to take in in the interim! You best bring your “A” game Fay, we’re gonna tangle.)

       Question! Should we just shit-can newspapers and move forward? I mean they were the “source” of new and happenings, they were well written, they were informative, but now? I’m afraid they are simply dead processed trees with Reuters and AP “blurbs”, more advertising that the hairs on your head(except you bald guys), and if there is any local writing it’s “drivel” or school lunch menus and poorly written attempts to break out and be recognized by a bigger newspaper who will offer you another $5,000 a year to move 650 miles away and write about school menus and school board meeting for them! Information level on the Mr. Guinness info scale,…..4

        Now there is CNN and Fox News, and the other monster network machines with the shapely blonde with the “perky” boobs and the plunging neckline who tries to convince us she is a “serious” news professional. She’s usually propped up by a dude in an Armani suit, Jerry Garcia tie, both pefectly coiff’ed with French nails, constantly organizing and shuffling piles of papers, like they really have slaved over writing these pieces for us. (“Look at the teleprompter honey! Just read what it says don’t even think of getting creative, there are six more lined up just to do the evening news,….you are expendable. I’m sorry, you are going to be on “special assignment” collecting an un-employment check if you don’t. Got it?”)

      And besides, what does all this news do except raise our level of angst, worry us needlessly because we can’t go give Putin a “slap alongside the head” and tell him back off, because I sure as hell can’t cover Ed McMahon’s mortgage payments (sorry Ed, I’m working my ass off to cover my own!)

      News is never “good news” who would give a shit about it,….aaaah but the gore and speculation over some guy who cracks and walks into his office and shoots eight people,…now serve me up more of that with my pork chops and mashed potatoes tonight,…yesiree, and don’t forget the 19 illegals in the one car who rolled it and all 19 were killed in the accident, …I can shake my head, make a pithy comment about them not wearing seat belts, and on the quality of the vehicle that it folded like a cheap tent even though it was a $35,000 car.

       ’nuff rant for today, hi ho, hi ho it’s off to work I go, Dopey is probably waiting to start another round of “I’m sorry” s instead of just doing the job right the first time.

       One final awesome thought, Ted Williams stayed with the Boston Red Sox baseball team his entire career of 21 years, Carl Yastremski did the same for 22 years, both superstars, both gentlemen, and both loyal players. Can we say that about any of these “show boats” out there today?

        So much for my “stupid pathetic life” today!

      Just a thought.



  1. I’ll have to say that John Smolts, of the Braves, has given it a good try, and he is a fair hitter for a pitcher. He is the only one still around when the Braves went to ‘The Show’ back in ’91 (I think it was.)

    The news media is so biased that I haven’t bought a paper in over 10 years. I go to the Waffle House and get the crossword puzzle out of one someone left behind – and that’s it. Even the Sports page is outdated thanks to ESPN.

    Now, if we still had outhouses, it might be worth buying a paper because they are cheaper than T.P. All the major news papers are having declining subscriptions so what do they do? Raise the prices of the daily paper in the paper boxes. Thank God for Waffle Houses.

  2. Yeah it sucks that Steph quit blogging a couple weeks ago. But I’ve found a lot of good bloggers out there lately. My blog roll has grown. I still have some more to add. Some of them I have stolen from you 😛
    I think I jinxed you by checking on you via email yesterday. Mother Nature is not a fan of mine evidently 😛
    I am right there along with you with the news thing. I don’t really pay attention to the news anymore. It’s nothing but politics, murders and child molesters. I’ve had half a mind to start a happy news newspaper.
    And I’m not a big baseball fan. But I will agree it’s nothing like it used to be.

  3. Tommy – you are not a blogger. You are a WRITER. You write because you need to, have to, it is part of who you are.

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