Posted by: guinness222 | August 21, 2008

M & A update

 The merger and acquisition department, (a/k/a/ me putting to gether the buyout  of my company by another guy and taking over the comapnay as the CEO and a 20% ownership position) talks are going well.

    Took it to our first “conference call” between buyers and sellers this afternoon, and there are no “deal-breakers” in sight at this time. Next step a face to face with the buyers coming down in two weeks to spend a few days looking at the company, our clients, and the area, (few free dinners and pints for the kid out of that at least!)

    Then the “secret sessions” where both sides start thier serious cash and operational offer development and all the “conditions” are put together, (got a hunch that’s the point of the highest liklihood of “deal breakers” crop up, just have to deal with them one at a time. (“It’s not reasonable to have Heineken on draft in every office, but how about a choice of domestic or import for every office,…good with you?”)

      And then the “pie in the sky” conditions crop up, (” So Jerry Jones the owner of the Dallas Cowboys lives here huh? Well I’d sure like seasons tickets on the 50 yard line and six passes to this years superbowl, that would have to be in the contract of course.”)

      Just a brief update, but things are progressing and as the “conductor” of this orchestra I have to keep it moving forward til it works, or blows up.



  1. I’m standing here in your blog with my umbrella open, leaning against the wind and it’s Friday and you haven’t posted yet. Are you letting a little wind and rain hinder your appointed duty of posting daily? Pussy!

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