Posted by: guinness222 | August 24, 2008

“Now wasn’t that an exciting storm boys and girls?”

     Well, in commenting on Tropical Storm Fay up here on the Panhandle, I guess I’d have to say,…well,…I mean what can I say, it never materialized! I got wetter standing behind someone spitting up wind! But did the media machine have fun with it! Gloom and doom, and I was almost ready to go nail both my cats to the wall so they would not get blown away,….lucky for them I was lazy and decided they should find a small black hole and go hide in it,…which they are very adept at doing during storms.

       Well it’s Sunday, completed my Financial Management Course Friday and Saturday. now I have to start filling out the paperwork to do my “case Study”, hopefully in the spring. Might be one little snag in the situation. I went on line this morning to see when exactly I got my Association Managers licence from the state, and they show 12/03/2004! Shit!!! That only gives me four years not the five I need to get the ultimate certification. Damn! Guess I’ll try and grovel,beg, cry, whatever for an “advanced player” exception, if there is such a thing! But that’s next week’s fun and games.

    I cleaned up “The Pit” a couple weeks ago, but damn it’s back to being a “Pit” again. Sit tight while I shove some stuff aside and converse with you more intelligently. Be right back.

    That’s better, the top of the desk was still there!

    let me see, …oh yeah, other big news from “The Pit”. Bought a new desktop computer from Dell, well ordered it Friday night. This one is almost four years old and is behaving worse than my ’99 GMC Jimmy in terms of “sluggish” and “confused”. I maxed it on RAM last year, but it’s only a Pentium4 3 gig processor with virtually no “extra under the hood” for fast get a ways and the like. (Besides my computer Guru “tweaked it” so I can use it as a “network file server” which gives me added security and backup space on location. The only “BAD” part is it comes with the new “Vista” program, but the Service Pack I  is included, and from my guru’s they tell me that “cleaned up” a lot of the typical Micro-soft self destruct crap you always get in a new operating system, Remember all the Windows upgrades it took to get a decent product? (Sorry sims, I really did consider a “Mac”, and coming back into the fold, but I’m too tied to the business stuff and the conversion costs of all the programs I use there would croak me.) The costs have come down so much it is like what cell phones used to cost several years ago,….damn!

       We going to the Pub for a bit of “decompress” time from the two days of classroom. Question is what’ll I do next?

       After I get this maximum credential thing done for my career field, I’ve been getting the urges to go back to finish up my degree, 160 credits ought to be worth something (that was my “professional student” phase, wound up taking every single course the community college had but shorthand, had 130 credits, and the Dean calls me in and tells me I have to matriculate and move on (back in the days when the GI bill paid me more to go to school than the part-time job I needed to augment the family income, shit it was about $180 a month more than any part-time job paid, THAT was the motivating factor for school, the credits just went with the deal. When the ten years for the GI bill ran out I had 130 credits, in total, used 60 for an Associates degree from the Junior College with two “majors”, Liberal Arts and Business, transferred over to a four year State College, majored in History and picked up another 30 credits, but like the rest of the freakin’ world it’s not about what you know or how many courses you took or high high your grades we’re (Jr. College Grad with High Honors) but the Money $$$$$$. No matter how you cut my “credit pie” they wanted another 18 credits out of me for a Bachelors, but they agreed to accept the upper level history courses I’d taken for 18 credits toward my Masters in History. Too many other things going on in my life to do it then, so I shelved the idea, but I got transcripts from all five colleges I attended and took courses from about four years ago and I can surely roll a bunch of ’em into something at the University of West Florida (good archeology dept.) or if I want to go to Panama City, about 50 miles away, I can get into a Florida State Extension thingy and get my BA or BS from Florida State (Not as appealing as they play Boston College, the College I really wish I could have gone too. My dad was an Alum there. (Hey sims, you think I could give the Jesuits a run for their money now at my age?)

      Sorry folks this blog was like a mental enema today, just needed to clear the brain cells out and dust the cobwebs from a few remote corners of the what’s left of, the  brain.



  1. Welcome back, mate. While you were gone did ‘Ye Ole Pub’ fly the flag at half mast or lay off three employees till you returned? Also, does BC offer on-line courses? You might become an official Eagle, yet.

    My step-daughter, Dr. Amber, got her undergrad from FSU, so you have my permission to go there. But do somehting. I didn’t get my MBA till I was 51. It can – and should – be done when ever you can.

  2. “Hey sims, you think I could give the Jesuits a run for their money now at my age?”

    It was forty years ago when I was there. From what I hear most of the courses are no longer taught by the ‘Black Robed’ dudes. Every semester we had to take five majors, and either a Philosophy or Theology course. When Ethics final exam came around it was 200 true or false questions – nothing gray for those boys. They thought they had an answer for everything.

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