Posted by: guinness222 | August 31, 2008

” Due to technical difficulties,…….”

         I am the technical difficulty! I deceided to get a new computer, a Dell, haven’t had a problem with them yet. Anyway it got here faster than I wanted it too. It’s always better to schedule getting a new “man-toy” when you’re wife is out of town. She was leaving the 17th for Utah to visit out new granddaughter Anastasia and based on caredul analysis of previous orders, lag time, delivery problems etc. I figured it to get here the 18th. Oooops! Got here Friday!

        Ring, ring. “Hey honey, what’s up?   “What the hell is this?”, “What’s this?”, “Two boxes that were just delivered from Dell Computer,huh?”  “Ohhh. Those boxes.”

       So when I got home the first thing i had to do was make them disappear from the dining room up to “The Pit”. Then have a glass of wine and work on the plan. What plan you ask? The “Emergency Mitigation Plan for a New Computer”. Well my plan worked with no long term bruises to my body, and nothing firmly planted up a particular part of the anatomy which is best left unsaid. So i told her I needed a new monitor and my CPU was begining to freeze more often and the only way to fix it was pull the plug from the wall which was the only thing left that worked! “But Honey, since the moniter came with the computer I’ve decided to give you my old 20″ flat panel, instead of you getting eye strain wi9th that 17″.” Snort! “Yeah right!”

       So yesterday I changed out her moniter and set up my new one on my old computer system. Holy Shit! A 22″ is huge, I almost have to take a bus from one side to the other of the screen! Today is when I wanted to start seting the ‘puter itself up, which I’m doing now. I bit the bullet and decided to go with the new Windows Vista Home Premium O/S and the Office “Home and Student” version. So today I’m trudging through setting it up,….or at least trying. First screwup is that my favorite printer, a workhorse HP 3200 Laser Jet connect with a Parallell cable to the CPU. Guess what? No paralell perts, only USB now!

      So the old system is now re-setup, alongside the new and I’m trying to adapt to Vista. But I am determined, I stopped yesterday evening and bought the Vista for Dummies Book, just in case. Three hours and it’s already getting dog-eared!

      Well, just wanted to say HI!. Got to get back on it, only 36 hours left before I have to go back to the Salt Mines and I don’t want to be thinking about what to do with the computer when i do, I want it up and running and smoooooooth. Stay tuned for breaking screwups as they occur.



  1. A new computer? You must be rich! The Democrats will hunt you down and make you give it to a homeless person who deserves it more than you.

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