Posted by: guinness222 | September 5, 2008

“Kansas is a long way from here Toto.”

    Perhaps not precisely exact as in verbatim, but it is the point. The Republican party has a long hard, up hill haul, to pull this election out and turn our country back onto the right track for thinking people.  Note I said people that think. I heard more specifics in John McCain’s speech last night than the entire two years of “Barakisms” that have wasted air time. So how we gonna do it? How do we need to perform to win the election, and take back our country from the approaching Jihad of liberal thought?

    My first step today is to go to the Republican headquarters here and get some bumper stickers. Even my wife who abhors bumper stickers wants one for her car! Now since this part of Florida is almost 99% Republican, well I guess I’ll have to look to this or another blog and target some of my frinds who have not “seen the light”. Hell, even my daughter called me yesterday to tell me she’s gone Republican! (Brings tears to my eyes!)

   I’m just putting this short one up today because our internet crashed as I was writing this and this is all that was saved. I’ll most definately be writing more this weekend so stay tuned.

    The title of tomorrows first blog is quite simply, “Ask not what I can do to amuse you,…but what you can do to amuse me.” Or “bloggers responsibilities”



  1. Your daughter is voting GOP… I know you are proud. You raised her right. If you want to try to convert someone, go to Brother Dave’s site. He is E.Craigs twin brother, but E.Craig’s heart is in the right place. BD is hopeless. So go harass him.

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