Posted by: guinness222 | September 16, 2008

“Intelligence is an oxymoron all by itself!”

     Just a little one this morning.

     Yesterday after work I headed for the Pub for my “Vitamin G” supplement. (Two things of note; #1. We are having elections in our County this November as well as the National Elections,soooooo The County Sheriff has to be elected as well, that means an offense used in every sport is used. They “flood the zone” with cops! Where I would see maybe one cruiser a day, maybe two, now there are at least four, six times a day “See Citizens, I’m doing a great job of patrolling for you” (But who’s paying for all your freakin’ gasoline Sheriff Dickhead?”). #2 I am becoming convinced the entire country is suffering from a severe brain enema, and all the brains are gone,…flushed,…history!)

       Anyway, as I saddle up at the bar one of the “older” waitresses comes by to say Hi. She’s in her 40’s, always working hard, seems like a nice person, and it was slow so we were chatting as I watched the talking heads on the Financial network on TV evaluate yesterdays “meltdown”. Somehow we got around to swapping history and come to find out she’s a widow (at 41!!). Her husbabd/significant other and she had built a little business ouf rental properties they owned and they were slowly making it up the ladder when he “checked out”. She wasn’t interested in pushing the business thing further and becasue the market was going south faster than the last ten laps of a NASCAR race she went about unloading them. “Together we had some staying power with both salaries and all, but just me? No way I could make it by myself, so I decided to dump everything but our house and just try and keep that. But it means I gotta work three jobs to make the payment every month.”

       Obviously this lady is a solid citizen,… we got around to talking politics. (Rule #1 in a Pub, don’t talk religion, sex or politics. Screw Rule # 1, well most of it. See if I was to be discussing Religion, well how many “religious people” hang out in bars in the first place. And after 42 years of being married to my loving wife and having no real desire to see if there is greener grass around at this stage, …well forget the sex. So that leaves the politics! (Almost as dirty as the sex, and definately as hypocritical as the religion!)

      She is a John MacCain/ Sarah Palin supporter as well. (Told you she was smart!) And we both agree that “Barry” (I am from now on refusing to call him “Barrack”. After all why change your name from one given you at birth to a “Muslim” type name in the first place,..then have the balls to look at us and say “what?”. If you had an absolutely horrible name that was embarrassing and ruined your business or social life fine, but why change your name in the first place,….that insecure of yourself, “Barry”?)

      Anyway we both agree, I know what John McCain stood for, I have seen the pictures of him as a prisoner of war, I’ve seen the injuries inflicted on him in 7 years of inhuman treatment, and there is no doubt he loves his country. When he came back from War he went to work for almost 30 years as a Congressman and Senator and built a reputation for trying to end corruption and waste. Like setting term limits on these “career” politicians. And Sarah Palin, she walks the walk, talks the talk, and we know from pictures she hunts, fishes,rides ATV’s and takes in life with NO PRISONERS. I can really live with that attitude. (In fact since she’ll be in Washington a lot when she’s elected,…well I’ve no problem if she wants to go target shooting in Congress! There’s a few old “grizzlies” that need some “lead cocktails” over there. But “What about Barry?” (Sounds like a good title for a TV show huh?)

     What about Barry? Never held a real job, sketchy record of accomplishment at best, all mouth, no action, and where is his head? You DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS! you wipe them out like vermin that they are. They most assuredly do not understand “talk”. We didn’t “talk” about 9/11, we did not “talk” about the bombings in the far east, the Philippines, Africa, or Europe. What makes this idiot think they want to “talk”?

    Well I won’t go there other than to say why can not a single soul I have talked to give me one single thing this guy, “Barry” has accomplished? The claims he is making are patently incorrect, and can be proven to be, documented with proof, …but that’s ok “He’s offering us change” ! The only change this guy knows is how to change his suit each day,period. Doesn’t he understand if they raise the wages workers are paid, the companies they work for simply raise the prices of the goods and services they provide to people to offset it. And when it gets too high and “We the people” stop buying their goods and services what do they do? Lay off the workers to preserve their money for themselves and their executives! That is a “hollow promise”. And giving everyone tax cuts,…right so if you don;t have the money from the taxes to run the programs what do you do? “Cut” the program because of insufficient funding how is that providing “change”, and “hope”?

     Wake the hell up folks! You have a mandatory obligation to be sure you cast your vote for someone who CAN run an entire country, in a world that’s in chaos. Not someone who dresses good, speaks well, and is already preparing a resume for a “better job” than President. Do you realize the four year term as President will be the longest job this man has had where he can’t “abstain” from voting, or simply vote “present”!

     We know John McCain has balls, you can bet Sarah Palin has balls, but “Barry”? I want a medical doctor’s opinion, because I don’t think he does, and for sure Joe Biden hasn’t1 There is no way you can be that big a career politician and keep ’em!

    I’m working on another piece I’ll probably put out this week based on this speaker I heard last week at a luncheon I went to here. She is the Director of Public Health and this is really interesting stuff. So I would say look forward to it, I’m still marveling at the impact of this on our world and society. It ain’t what you think.



  1. Barry is a Democrat, thus he doesn’t need balls. He can sustain himself on lies, innuendos and half-truths.

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