Posted by: guinness222 | September 22, 2008

“Ferris Beuller’s Day Off” , no, not him, but me!

       ” Every once in a while you’ve gotta say, WTF!” So I did. I’m taking today off. A decision I’ve taken weeks agonizing over, numerous times I’ve threatened (“You know Honey, I think I’ll just take the day off.” Ten minutes later she asks “What are you doing?” “”Gonna shower and shave and go to work.” But I thought you said,…” “I did, but I lied!”) But today I think I’m gonna do it for real.

        I started thinking about all the “stuff” I really need to do at the house, including clean it up before the wife gets back Wednesday evening, get my files straightened out and purged (no more room for another file cabinet), classify all the computer CD’s lying around on my desk and elsewhere, straighten out my book cases, basically bag all the trash in ‘the pit’  and get it out, work on the budgets for the house and two of my Associations (ok so it’s work related, but I need the peace and quiet to concentrate), listen to some good heavy Classical tunes,…suffice to say there is more than enough I could do,……or just go back to bed til 10am, watch movies til four, go to the Pub for a pint or two, hit McDonalds for dinner, and come home and crash. That would be a waste and I’d still need to take another day off to do what I should have done while I was “vegging” in bed and watching the movies! No gonna get productive. In fact maybe I’ll write another blog entry as well. (Incidentally for those who love long ranging rants and are looking for adequate evidence to get me “institutionalized” I did start another blog lately that is heavy on the political ranting as well as articles I’ve written and found. It is entitled “This is my concern America” and is at  Not that I’m a political genius, or “astute” commentator, but because I think we do have serious systemic problems and the degree of apathy in this country now  precludes them being properly addressed. But like I said, check it out if you like political “stuff” (I thought about calling it “The Diary of a Mad American”  , but figured “Homeland Security” would show up and ruin my day off! “Hello, we are the Thought Police, could we have a moment of your time please?”

        Well, It’s 7:30am my coffee cup is empty, and needs to be refilled, and I’ve a bunch of stuff ahead of me so I best get to it. Later.



  1. I’m for sleeping in and messing around with the computer with a cup of coffee next to the mouse.

    Straightening and cleaning the house can be left for the little woman when she returns. If she complains, tell her it’s her fault for being gone so long. Come on, are you a man or a mouse? Squeak up!

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