Posted by: guinness222 | September 25, 2008

Am I the only one who listened????

Yesterday John McCain announced he was suspending his campaign for President and going to Washington to do his job (At last! Someone who remembers we didn’t hire him to run for President but to be a Senator, and if there is work to be done he needs to get his butt there and do it,…which he is doing. Kudos to John!)

A while later “Barry” goes on TV to announce that he called McCain at 8:30 in the morning and asked if they could issue a joint statement, and McCains staff said he’d get back to them. McCain called him back around 2:30 and said a statements ok, no problem. Then half an hour later goes on TV and announces he’s suspending his campaign and returning to Washington to help develop Bi-partisan strength to get the solution worked out, and if it’s not done by Friday he will stay in Washington until it is and forego the first Presidential debate. Again KUDO’s !! That, my under 50 year old friends, is called taking responsibility and prioritizing matters, good, bad or ugly, and making difficult decisions and then acting and serving your country FIRST. (Anyone doubt John’s character now?)

In Barry’s little press conference about an hour after McCains unilateral announcement, Barry looks perplexed. He’s ranting about how now is when they MUST address this issue with the American people in the Debate Friday night.

(HELLO BARRY??? Last time I looked, and I understand with only 143 days actually “on-the-job” you might have forgotten, we, THIS COUNTRY, has a problem, and as a Senator of this country, you too belong in Washington doing your job and working to resolve it. Stop talking about it and fix it! All the Presidential Debates in the world, all the Town Hall meetings in the Universe with the American citizens (and of course the press!), are NOT going to resolve things. The Senators, Congresspersons, and the Executive Branch of our government must do it, and do it soon! GET YOUR BUTT BACK ON THE JOB THAT “WE THE PEOPLE” HIRED you to do, and are paying you big bucks to do!!!
Oh, another small aside that I am apparently the only person that picked up on, …when “Barry” opened the floor for questions from the press yesterday a reporter asked him DIRECTLY, “Did Senator McCain mention anything to you in this call about suspending his campaign and returning to Washington?”
(Pay BIG attention here it’s called “hoof in mouth time” and demonstrates why we DON”T want “Barry” running this country)
“Barry” replied, “Yes he did,…ah,…but I thought he was just,…ah,..mulling it over. I didn’t think he was going to be this decisive about it.”
Your Honor I rest my case!
Obviously John McCain thought about all the options, weighed them, and made a sound and valid action plan and decision and announced it. Why is “Barry” surprised? That’s what leaders do! Imagine “Barry” in the oval office and “Imadinnerjacket” or what ever his name is threatens to bomb Israel, or some such thing. Is “Barry” going to weigh options and review alternatives and options and be decisive? Or is he going to just let “Imadinnerjacket” just “mull it over”
The “Barry” for King campaign has been reeling now for weeks. Talk about the “same old same old”, that’s them. Whereas John McCain is making hard decisions, bi-partisan decisions, and putting OUR country first over election politics. Just in the last three weeks look at the entire period and you tell me who is demonstrating “Leadership”, who is demostrating “Courage” in the face of “the easy way”?
As a former member of the U.S. Navy , in particular the “aviation” field, I’ve dealt with hundreds of Naval Aviators, or Pilots. If you want some one who is honed to a perfect razors edge at all times, someone who is calm when all hell is breaking loose around them at 40,000 feet, someone whose mind is faster than the fastest computer made at assessment, analyzation, actions and decision-making with an accuracy rating of 99.999%,…well, you want a Naval Aviator flying your plane, and running your country! There are no “do-overs” in any battles you get one chance to do it right, and do it immediately,….who better than John McCain.
There’s no concensus building in battle, there’s no consensus building in nuclear threats, there is no concensus building involved in Islamic Jihad! If, and I hope to God it doesn’t, but IF that phone rings at 3 a.m. I sure do not want “Barry” picking it up! I want solid, decisionmaking and action planning. I want John McCain, and “Shotgun Sarah” on our end of that phone.

Think,…this is NOT American Idol, or Dancing with the Stars. Like my blog says at the top, “You’re not responsible for luck, but you are responsible for life.” Again I say, THIS IS REAL LIFE, folks!


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