Posted by: guinness222 | September 28, 2008

Send Sanity pills, all sizes, all dosages,….NOW!

For the life of me I don’t know why I’m letting all this SHIT get to me! I’ve sat down at least ten times this week to blog and twenty minutes later find that I have a “tract” worthy of a 60’s dissident on the run!
The Wife and I went to a wedding yesterday for two dear friends we met when we first moved to Florida, Joe & Carolyn. Joe loves golf, and Carolyn is just a sweetheart. And Buster’s catered the wedding! It was like free hor d’erves, open bar a lot of the “old crowd”, (NOT to be confused with “old” as in age, but “bar buddies” whose lives and travels have taken them beyond Buster’s into the “Great Unknown”, but came back for the wedding) but I just sat there like a freakin’ bump on a log, sucking on a beer and eating cheese and crackers! I was a lousy conversationalist, just “grunts” of yes or no and general agreement. I was ashamed of myself.
My buddy “John Boy” who used to work for me and his wife Cindy were there. John is on 100% disability with emphysema, must weigh in now at about 380 lbs. but is the life of every party. For as crazy as John was being I just couldn’t even cut a smile. He’s always been one of those folks that could “kick me in the butt” and pull me out of my blue funk with humor and challenge me. I find myself “clinging” to a safety zone, unless all hell breaks loose no need to go outside it. From the house, to the office, to the Pub, to the house, and once again tomorrow. Saturday is usually working on the computer in the Pit all morning til; about 2 or 3, off to the pub, out for a movie with the wife or a “dining experience” (did try a new place last night, called Cheeseburger in Paradise, not bad), home and bed. Sunday is church, breakfast at Don Pedro’s, home to the computer, off to the pub at three and home for dinner at five or six, watch a little TV and go to bed. Get up  and start the same damn cycle again. Yeah it’s boring as hell! As I write it I don’t like it, but here it is Sunday, I’m in the pit writing a blog, waiting for 3 pm to head for the Pub and catch a football game with a opint or two! GOD, AM I THAT BORING???
I suppose the stress of trying to buy out my boss (my backer is flying in Wednesday so it will be a go or no go). He was supposed to be in a few weeks ago, but Hurricane Ike actually went up into Ohio and kicked the shit out of them with flooding, high winds etc. and he had to cancel to take care of his clients, but he’s coming Wednesday so tell “DA’ MAN” up there give me a little support on this would you?). Then there is this entire two and a half year election campaign thing, thank God only 40 some odd days left of that shit. Right now almost every American fits into one of three categories; 1. Rabid, “dumber than Dirt”, Obama whacko Democrat, or, 2. Horny, wealthy, “God she’s hot” Sarah Palin and the “old guy” Republican or last but not least, 3) and The vast majority, “When will this shit be over, I’m sick of it!” American ADD(Attention Disability Disorder) member. Then on top of that you throw all this talk of “financial meltdown” , “$700 BILLION bailout” my retirement money (what was left of it) dropping almost 50% in the past year,…screw it I’m going on Social Security and at least get some of it back before I check out!
All my clients are whining like crazy because the financial squeeze is on everywhere and by law if some of thier fellow Condominium owners just walk away, or get foreclosed on the ones paying their dues and being “good guys” have to make up the difference or the bills don’t get paid, the power gets turned off, no cable TV, no one to clean the pool,… sucks, but that’s part of “community living”!
Now I’m not that seriously close to a mental melt-down, but running off to the Islands on a 45 foot catamaran loaded with booze, peanut butter and crackers, and three blonde nymphomaniacs really seems like a sane “extended vacation” to me. (And the “Three blonde nymphomaniacs” could be brunettes, red headed, or even raven black, I’m getting less particular each time I pass a mirror, hell blind would work for me even! 🙂
I guess I’ll just have to tough it out and let things sort themselves out. I am a serious “Control freak” I ‘m coming to believe that, and all these things are out of my control, but like I said in the beginning, every time I sit down to blog it’s like “Control Freaks Answer to the Worlds Pressing
Well my David Arkenstone CD is over, gotta go pick another to listen to. Even decisions like that are not cool, here’s why;
1. Classical – good, but “serious”, (If I get any more serious I’ll kick my own ass out of here!)
2. New Age – good, but “mellow and laid back”, ( I need many, many, many more drugs to listen!)
3. Classic Rock – another good choice but it’s like going to you’re best friends funeral, it’s dead, it ain’t coming back, and there is no hope of resurrection. (Maim a Hip-Hop Artist do the world a favor!)
4. Country Western – “Don’t you EVER threaten me again like that,…EVER!”
5. Patriotic or Marches – No, I’d sure as shit go out and “take no prisoners” and that could be really ugly with as many wimps and liberals out loose in the world.
6. “Big Band Music” – yeah, love big band music, but all the folks who know how to dance from that era are either dead, or confined to walkers and wheel chairs.

Shit, guess I’ll read a book until it’s time for the Pub, (sigh) Say what you will I know my attitude will be a little better when I return, at least I won’t look at my wife’s cat and wonder what he would do if I poured Tabasco sauce on his kibbles ‘n bits. (Sorry that was in very poor taste,…even for me.)


  1. I hear you, Lima Charlie – (that means Loud and Clear, btw — not that you didn’t know it, but I didn’t at some point in my career!! “You want me to call you Charlie? No, dumbass! LOUD and CLEAR!)

    It’s the groove of monotony. I totally understand!!!

  2. It isn’t all bad. You have the put to look forward too. Got my fingers crossed for Wednesday.

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