Posted by: guinness222 | October 3, 2008

Got tagged by Coffeypot,…now let’s see…

A: Four places I go over and over. Easy, “Buster’s World Famous Oyster Bar & Grille” (the Pub), Office Depot & Office Max (Severe Office Supply and Gadget Fetish), Barnes & Noble (Looking for “How to” books on overccoming Office supply Fetish), Walmart (Don’t ask, I don’t know why!)

B. Four peole who e-mail me regularly. Friend Dave from Atlanta (Guy gets and passes on more jokes than i ever thought there were!), Gloria, a former Admistrative Assisstant who is just a super person. “Woody” another friend who is a Tennis Pro (and in the Tennis Hall of Fame) who I have fun with talking about Trotter and Pacers (Horses, he owns and races about 15 of them), “Doug” who is also one of the “posse” from the Pub who now lives in North Carolina, but finds his way back “to Heaven” a few times a year.

C. Four of my favorite foods. Veal Parmigean, Onion Rings, anything Mexican, and Sweet and Sour Chicken and Beef Teryiaki strips (Damn, I’m drooling all over the keyboard!)

D. Four Things I like to Do. Play on my computer(s) (Ok I’m a senior citizen NERD), Skull Pints ‘o Guinness and chat with any human being (Met a few nice aliens as well!), Watch NCIS, Law & Order re-runs (Yeah Lennie! You da’ Man.”, and Ziva,…what can I say! I’m a pig.) and finally get a full body massage (turn my bones into jello, not “creaking” hinges when you walk, and straighten out my neck.)

E. Four people I think will respond to this. All four of the above named folks who e-mail me regularly,….please. And answering each of these in total truthfullness is optional, but don’t leave out the “juicy parts”!

F. Four things I did yesterday. Had breakfast meeting with my backer to buy out my bosses company, Went in search of Tiger Balm Cream for my wife (couldn’t find any in 5 drug stores, 3 supermarkets, and “Wally World”. She swears by it for her arthritic knee. I like to just wipe a little under my nose, …talk about opening up the sinuses WOW!!!), Shut down some big mouth a**hole at the pub. He comes in with his 12 buddies from Kentucky( you know, the place where them folks think “Grad-you-ate” means enjoyed lunch in the cafeteria),and never shuts up and then tells the Bartender to put the ball game on on the TV I’m watching the news on, and have the controller for! (Pissed me off!) SO I, who had just been sitting there quietly watching the “stock market ticker ” go by and wondering why GE dropped 10% of it’s value, turned my head, looked him straight in the eyes and said, “I’m watching the News, you got a problem with that Big Guy?” He lowered his head, lowered his voice and stuck a few Oysters in his mouth. Never heard another peek out of him. (And yes, I am getting a little to old to be calling out a**holes in a pub, it’s very out of character for me…but damn it, it’s my pub and I spend more money there than some fat bastard and his buddies off on a golf holiday at thier ages, (all in thier 60’s) who think they are big shits and want to upset my damn routine! Went home and gave my wife a big kiss and hug, (but did not mention shutting down the big mouth,…for obvious reasons,….she would have lectured me for an hour my age, my lack of “physical prowess” to survive more than one possibly two punches, and her doubts if our insurance would pay for it (it will), I wouldn’t have listened, she would get even madder, and my veal parmagean would wind up getting burned. Makes good sense to us guys, huh?)

Have a nice day, and don’t do silly things like me. (If the big mouth comes back in the pub again today I’ll change all the TV’s to the Stock market channel when I see them pull in the parking lot, and flush the remotes down the toilet! I hate having to teach lessons twice!)



  1. You should have told him, “You sure got a purty mouf” and gave him a deep throat kiss with the tongue playing tonsil hockey. If he didn’t kiss you back, then he probably would keep quiet. If he did kiss back, grab the Vaseline jar on the way out.

    Your right. I wouldn’t do it either. Bars don’t keep Vaseline around.


    Buy online!

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