Posted by: guinness222 | October 4, 2008

Random thoughts,…mine!

1. NCAA Football is going to hurt me over the next few weeks, 7 to be exact. My Team, Boston College’s next 7 games are scheduled to start at 11a.m. Eastern Standard Time! That’s 10 a.m. my time. Since I like watching BC, particularly at the Pub, this would imply drinking pints of Guinness at 10 a.m.! I’m not sure I can handle that! The game would end around 1p.m. in the afternoon, and my day wouls be a “wrap” already! What shall I do? Just sip Coca-Cola for three or four hours and savor the “thrill of Victory,…and the agony of defeat” without a pint? That is just NOT civil !!(sigh)

2. Meeting with my backer went well, He’s sending a full offer by the 17th, No deal breakers surfaced, substantial agreement abounds, and I just sweat it out til the ink dries. (Looks like I get almost an 80% pay raise out of it, a 20-25% share of this new company, and an openess to “adjust” my paycheck with non-“Wages” income so I can still file for my Social Security monthly retirement payments in February.

3. Need to go prowl the Office Supply Stores, and Book Stores today, I need a “fix”.

4. While the computers all seem to be behaving themselves I am still getting a nagging little message everytime I open Microsoft Outlook, my e-mail program saying something like, “A file failed to close properly the last time the program was closed and is being checked, it may cause some limitations until a correction is found.” Question: who the hell is looking for the “correcion”, is there a little techie in my ‘puter, or is Billy Gates getting a direct line into my computer being played with by some “super Nerds” at Microsoft?

5. Speaking of annoying, when I first got this new computer, it asked me if I’d mind if it transmitted everything do back to Microsoft so they could “moniter” the hardware and software situations. I figured if anything went really, really wrong I could get them to fix things easier. But now that I’m up and functioning ok, I’d like to shut them off from being in y computer, but I haven’t a clue how to go about it! (YO! Bill, send me an e-mail and tell me how to gain full control of my computer again. Thanks!)

6. Latest Cat developments. All of sudden this “permanent nerve damage” the Vet says he has in his hips and lower back is gone! (Damn Martha,it’s a freakin’ miracle!) So now he’s able to jump effortlessly to heights of five and six feet from the floor. Which means MY cat’s food, which we would place up on the counters or vanity in the bathroom so he could “knosh” and “FAT CAT” could not get to is a target. So now my poor emaciated cat is wondering, “Yo Big Guy, where’s my food? I eat what I need, I don’t overeat, I am slim and trim, and now I gotta live on a scheduled feeding routine like the Fat Pig? It ain’t fair!” Also the vet says the “ravenous appeite” of the cat may indicate a thyroid condition. He just follows you everywhere 24/7 yelling at you to feed him, now he’s tipping over the waste bucket and pulling out anything that smells of food, like paper towels with a little grease from using them for draining bacon, and empty “to-go” containers, and at 5:30 a.m. like a damn alarm clock he’s scratching at our bedroom door for me to get my ass out of bed and feed him. I’m seriously thinking of composing his eulogy very soon!

7. And one of my clients, whose $1.6 to $2.5 million dollar units that are only three years old and that we’ve already spent about that $75,000 on repairs to, needs another $75,000 worth of repairs to be “marketable”, I really feel sorry for them, and hope the Courts hang the damn builders and developers for all thier shoddy work and cheap products. Seems like all I ever have for these folks is bad news. 😦

8. The wife is making “veiled comments” (Are you ever going to REALLY clean up you “pit” up there?) so I guess that will get “scheduled this week end as well.

9. Oh, also, new law in this state requires ALL people running for election to the Board of Directors in Condominiums must now sign and acknowledge, and have notarized the fact that they have read all the legal documents and convenants and restrictions of the community and “understand them, to the best of thier ability.” Talk about a joke, half these old codgers can’t remember where they live let alone have a complete understanding of about 100 pages of legal crap, but the good news is I can now say, “Sir, or Ma’m you signed off that you read and understood the legal and operational conditions of the Community, and you know I can’t change them, and it takes a majority of the owners to do that, so don’t ask me to violate them becasue you want to, are we clear? We are both in the liability boat here, but I have a “life saver”, I don;t own anything here you do! Let’s re-think this shall we?”

10. I heard from my wife that the sun is out, the humidity is very low, and the temperature is in the mid 70’s. Maybe I’ll venture outside today and embark on a quest to find another hobby, or just take some pictures for shit’s ‘n giggles. Yeah, I think I am going to do that the beaches and water should be absolutely perfect. I’ll try and figure out how to post them later today. (Hey, I’m a “senior citizen” you really don’t expect me to remember how I posted the other pic’s four months ago, do you?) Plus I am not sure whether I posted my picture of me that I found a while back when I was three or four, it’s black & white, taken on the back porch of the three decker tenament building we lived in then,….a better cover pic for a book like “Angela’s Ashes” I have never seen. Poor little white Irish kid playing with a toy of some sort with that forlorn look and surrrounded in ghetto poverty at that time. By God I’m down right inspirational!

"I gotta wait til I'm 21 for a Guinness? That sucks!"

“What do you mean I can’t have a Guinness til I’m 21? Life sucks already at three!”

Have a great weekend and if I post tomorrow you will know I did not go to the Pub at ten in the morning and start drinking Guinness and watching the game, but I WILL go later today and watch some other team and either gloat that Boston College wone earlier today, or just sullenly drink my beer and look “forlorn and depressed”.


  1. I say, make a managerial decision that the time actually is 1:00 p.m. and you watch your BC game, drink your pint and enjoy yourself. Afterward, go home and take a nap. Then when you awake the time will miraculously be reset to the present. Don’t make this stuff so complicated.

  2. Great news in that post 🙂 Sounds like you’ve engineered a pretty good deal with your backer. I’m thrilled for you. Way to go!

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