Posted by: guinness222 | October 6, 2008

I started thinking. (Yeah, I know!)

      While that phrase, “I started thinking” casts fear in some hearts, the fact is that I did! (“Tough shit Paddy!” as Irish Folk Singer Christie Moore would say.)
Today would have been my Dad’s birthday, he would have been 92, but he died in 1974, and I’m sure he’s doing fine. Sure would be nice to just sit down and chat with him today, now that I’m (or so they tell me) “older and wiser” at 63 1/2.
(Sigh), it’s Monday, back to work. I was saying to the wife yesterday as we were going out to lunch at the Olive Garden, “You know, I’m getting very tired of people who get pissed with me. I do not play well with others, what the hell do they want! No wonder I’m so mean and short tempered.”
“Well you should change that.”
“Honey, don’t you understand? I just want to get it done, whatever “it” is all about. don’t bug me, don’t ask me to build a “consensus” to a solution, don’t ask me to “share” my take on things,…Just tell me the damn problem, get the hell out of the way,…and oh yeah,…Shut up, I’ll have it fixed as quickly as is humanely possible!”
“But most people don’t think like that, you have to work with people, understand thier needs and feelings too.”
“Bull shit!! You got a leaking pipe, get out of the way, I’ll fix it, and I really don’t give a shit what color duct tape you “prefer”. And if there is a hole, Shit I’ll fill it in. Go cry about you’re preferance of gravel or crushed stone to someone who gives a damn,…and..”
“See, that’s what I mean, you are pig-headed, and that’s why people think you’re obnoxious!”
“That’s thier problem not mine.”
“Tom that attitude is going to make you miserable.”
“Yeah, and you’re point is?”
“I hate when you do that.”
“Well what do you want. People should not ask me to do anything if they don’t want me to do it!, Not talk about it, not compare notes, not jibber jabber about the “other options”. Committees don’t do anything but waste a lot of the minutes in my life. And Yeah, I know I’m not always right, but at least I’m doing something and not talking about it.”
“There is no talking to you when you get like this.”
“Like what?”
(Thank God Olive Garden is close to the house or this could have erupted. But I calmed down, we had a nice lunch, went to the bookstore and prowled the shelves. Saw a book I may just go back and check out today, it’s about “How to write a novel in 30 days,….Guaranteed.” And I’ve been toying with getting a larger router for the house. I’ve maxed the four port and have to unplug one to plug in my wireless access, and besides it’s almost three years old, it should be upgraded. Or then again maybe not,….decisions, decisions, decisions! Have a great day.



  1. Well Happy Birthday Papa Guinness 🙂 And I think we all feel the same way you do at some point or another. In my line of work,the majority of people that I help are wonderful to deal with and others I just get pissed off with and wonder why I’m having to fix their problems etc. It’s a cycle…a visious one.

  2. I thought you found the book, “How To Win Friends and Influence People.” I think it was written by O.J. Simpson or somebody. Anyway, I thought you had found it and was running back to buy it. And for you being pig-headed and obnoxious, I wouldn’t worry about it except that it is true. I hate your guts, you whining little shit, and I want yellow duck tape on my pipes. It goes with the color of my eyeballs. Asshole!

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