Posted by: guinness222 | October 6, 2008

Say What????

“STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) — Bad news for American writers hoping for a Nobel Prize next week: the top member of the award jury believes the United States is too insular and ignorant to compete with Europe when it comes to great writing.”

I kid you not! This was in the paper the other day as a headline piece. I told the powers that be we should never submit “Hip-Hop” Lyrics as this years Literature entries. What were they thinkin’? But I understands, cuz I bin like workin’ ma own “tune”,…ready? Here it comes;

Oh Biff, how you laugh, such a tone, such vibratos, and Muffy she is a hoot, but honey please lose the boots,…. they are so very, very, tacky,..well some charities think you’re whacky.
Now the Chairman at the Club, Leonard, and Charles, they all think you are elegant, which is way far from cool,…..So don’t create a faux pas, and don’t lose thier respects, or you’ll wind up at the table with those other rejects.
Our Club is always open, and we know you’ve been hoping,…but soon you and Biff will be asked to join,….so get really happy,…they soon will be calling for all of your coin! But once in the Club, you will never have a rub,…with the “others” out there who think rich is unfair. We work hard to steal, we provide a very nice meal, the golf is outstanding, and alms we’ll never be handing. The Charity Ball is our major event, but with all of our overhead, and of course the rent for the tent….It seems like those poor folks will get not make their rent. We do try to be, just like you and like me,….but poverty sucks and we don’t really need it. So remember to smile, listen nicely for a while, and then leave with a platitude dear. For while they “tough it out” back at the Club we would shout, “Oh Muffy you are such a hoot!”

I cudda been a contenda,…..(well at least I thought it was good!) Would you pass the Grey Poupon Charles,….I do so love a good Hot Dog for Lunch.

To hell with the Swedes, what do they know! “Muffy, where are my Golf Clubs?)

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