Posted by: guinness222 | October 7, 2008

What will I do, what will I do,….dunno!

    We wonder what’s next in this merry go round we are on every day. Why? We get all spaced out over incredibly dumb things and wonder why? My boss is becoming a constantly spaced out puppy who can’t wait to “dump”, oops! “sell” his company and stay in bed in the morning. (I sense it’s a 25 -30 year old thing!) And all of this for what?

       Well, I hate staying in bed in the morning, I awake every day just to have a “mission” (Love that old adage, “Lead, Follow, or get the hell out of my way) 🙂

       I’m sort of on “cruise control” right now, waiting for the lawyers to respond to my detailed e-mail of this morning which shook them up enough to reply in ten minutes saying they would be back to me by the end of the day and loved enough by the President of my client firm to send one to me saying “PERFECT!!”, a neat little “row” of items paperclipped together on the left side of my desk, awaiting my disposition of them, about an hour until I can reasonably adjourn to my Pub from the office, and I’ve already scanned a book I bought called “Book in a month” , on how to write a book in a 30 day period. I’ll call the wife in half an hour for the usual, “What’s for dinner?”,….”What do you want?”,…..”Oh I don’t care how about you?”,….”We’ve got some chicken, and some lasagna, oh and hamburg.” ,…. any of those frozen veal cutlets?,….”yeah”,….”They’ll be fine, with some fettuchine and spagetti sauce?”,….”Ok”……”Well, got to go, did you get the mail?”,….”no I’m still working”,….”OK, I’ll pick it up when I come home.”,….”What time for dinner?”,….”about six, six thirty”,…”ok, no later ,please?” ….”ok”,….”I love you”,…”me too, see you later.”…..”bye”,…”bye” Been doing it for forty years now, makes me comfortable and gives me a lingering sense of her (shut up I’m not a woose, just still in love after 42 years. Told you I’m wierd!)

      Oh, I’m big into the “penny stocks” now,…of course they weren’t penny stocks last month, they just got that way! (Badda Bing!, Drum Roll please!! Yuk, Yuk)

      Stayed up last night til 11pm to watch the Boston Red Sox eliminate the Los Angles Angels (again!!), now we have to play the Tampa Bay Rays starting Friday evening. best of five series of games. (Shit if this keeps up and the seasons for all these sports gets longer and longer you’ll be able to get up and watch three or four “World Championships” a day on TV.) But wait, tonight is NCIS,…..Halleluiah I’m saved from boredom! (little things amuse little minds!)

       I have a terrible habit of using the “enclosure marks” “(” and always forgetting when my enclosure should end, or the “)” and never catching it until after I publish it. Concentrate grasshopper, you can get better at this.

      Running over the title for a new novel. Going to call it “Eschelon”, check it out in Wikapedia. I found it by accident, but boy could I tie it into what’s going on in this Financial Meltdown to a hell of a techno-thriller. Maybe time to go home and jot down some notes.  OH, OH! the original Microsoft thing I bought was this student kind of package, and I have these “notes” in the margin of my desk  top, got to be agreat idea for writers to just jot things down on. I had looked at a program about twenty-five years ago by Addison Westly the Publishers and never could find it on the market, but it was a hell of a program.

      Sorry, had to jump off to take a call from the Attorneys (What a power trip when you have two $450 an hour attorneys trying to explain they dropped the ball a couple months ago and didn’t think I was serious when I askked them to check on some things. How many times do I have to tell them they are dealing with me on a $5 Million dollar law suit. The President has told them I call all the shots,….listen to me! And I constantly amaze them becasue I have more tentacles than an Octopus, and have copies of sensative documents and comments and they don’t know how I get this information or from who. I generally tell them I invented the CIA, don’t mess with me or I’ll  bug your house. They laugh it off, but they wind up calling me to see what I know rather than me calling them, and it’s only when they drop the ball I call them, so I have them trained now and I get an immediate response (ie. within 10 minutes) and a full de-brief within six hours on whatever I ask, and it’s never on the bill! It’s good to be the King! I should have gone to law school, but then I’d be a shifty lawyer instead of a sweet loveable pauper!

    Attention Workers. The clock is approaching 4pm, please clean off your desks of all unresolved matters and paper and prepare for the landing of the mothership at the Pub. We will be docking at the airlock of the Pub in 26 minutes. Remember to leave your helmet on the rack as you exit the ship, and remeber the last shuttle to the office will be leaving at 7:30 am in the morning. Because of pressurization requirements no six paks of beer may be brought on Board in the morning and we will get you back to the Pub tomorrw at the same time if you come to work.

     On behalf of Captain Whacker, our shuttle Pilot, and the crew we would like to thank you for not writing on the bathroom walls this week. Tomorrows Purina Passenger Chow will be Essense of Lasagna paste and mixed dry vegatable crunchies, with spirolina kelp milk shakes. If you don’t have any food credits left on your account make sure you arrive early with your first born as a deposit and we will credit more meals to your card.

   Have a great evening!




  1. Maybe if the some of the lawyers woke up one morning with a horses head under the covers, they might start taking you serious.

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