Posted by: guinness222 | October 11, 2008

“How do you know when you are REALLY depressed?”

    A serious question my friends, ..a serious question. I can’t honestly remember a time in my entire 63 years that I feel so much like the image we have of Atlas, with the entire world on his back,….that’s me!

"Another day in 2008, God this is tiring!"

 Not a bad Bod for 63 right?       

The question is why? In my humble opinion, it’s getting beaten down by the Press every day, the damn Election crap (i.e. all the scare tactics, the “end of the world”scenarios”, etc.) the unfortunate passing of the Lifeguard on the Gene Pool, (a/k/a today’s people who can’t think any faster than the tortise and do not want to take responsibility for anything and expect “them” to take care of it for them!) It is worse than a damn narcotics or nicotine addiction.

      So Here’s my day thus far, and it just hit 9a.m.  I get up, I shoot up our diabetic cat(insulin, $100 a month “habit”, feed him (The cat’s a damn liberal/socialist as well, all he does is yell and complain to you about feeding him, and eat,  sounds like a whole herd of people I know!), then I grab my steaming hot coffee and head up to the pit, flip on the computer, check my Blackberry, while the computer boots up, for e-mails and other messages, any sports scores I really give a shit about,usually one, maybe two, and poof! There is CNN headline news on the screen to “jump start” my knowledge of the bigger world I live in with you.

“Bush pledges Global Response to this crisis” – YO G.W.! You ain’t the boss of the world, only the United States!” And beside we put them other folks all in a tailspin with our greedy bankers,investors and upside down economy based on liberal thinkers wanting EVERYONE in this country to “experiance the American dream”, and own a home. Well that has screwed things up huh? A lot of folks don’t deserve a home unless they are willing to work for it, and bust thier ass on two or three jobs at the same time to make it happen. Then they appreciate it!

Or how about “Hot Air baloon catches fire and crashes!” – Sorry about that but besides squeezing every last drop out of my sympathy gland, who gives a shit about it. Sure I feel sorry (there I go again being a “touchy feely type” ) for the folks in the balloon, but as the bumper sticker says, quite clearly, in fact damn right eloquently, “SHIT HAPPENS”.

And then there is “Fury as Mugabe Party Gets Key Ministries” – Fine! You don’t like it, then those of you that didn’t want it, go take it back, stop whinning about it. You are boring me and annoying me!

And then “Voter Turnout, machines, prompt Chaos Fears” – Well you idiots yapping about this are supposed to be ready for it, have a “Plan B” ready to go, and a “C” if you need it…not shoot your mouth off to the media about all your little insecurites and “fears”. Just put on your Adult Human Being panties and handle it, or get the hell out of the way and let someone else who can do it “git ‘er done”!

And “Palin abused power, Alaskan panel finds” – hey why not, she is just the poor Republican Vice Presidental Candidate that got found out now. (Anybody stupid enough to think this is a timeing coincidence that it gets revealed three weeks before the election? Right,…then I got some Beautiful Ocean Front property in Nebraska I’m selling real cheap! ) I still want somebody with “balls” running my country, not some candy ass “Let’s all work together, can we sing Kumbaya together” Liberal/Socialist yahoo!

And then there is the “Good News” for today, “North Korea’s Kim apppears on TV!” (aaah DUH?) So does Vanna White, David Letterman, Jay Leno, “and the cast of Saturday Night LIVE!”  SO WHAT? And moving on into more “Good News”, how about “First double arm transplant revealed” – Great, so what about the “donor” hows he doing? Or finally, the GREAT news we’ve all been eagarly awaiting, “Jolie shown breastfeeding on magazine cover” ask me if I give a shit! It’s natural, been going on for about a million years, nothing peverted or ugly, and God’s answer to keeping babies aliveand nurtured when you lack 20th century money, convienace, and medical capabilities. Guess what, it gives kids a CHANCE of survival, an opportunity to stay well and growing. You know anybody breastfeeding? Which magazine they gonna be on the cover of,…maybe the “Corn Huskers Weekly”, or how about “The Bass Fisherman’s Kids”,..or “Standard & Poors Analysts Rport”, or “The Alice SpringsSpa Life”…who cares! If Angelina doesn’t have a problem with it, great, but it ain’t world making news! (Other than a way to sell a ton of magazines to a bunch of horny guys who want to catch a glance!)

     I already knew the Boston Red Sox beat the Tampa Bay Rays in baseball because I stayed up and watched it last night, so I can skip reading that,…unless,…unless I really need to know what sound bytes I did not hear from the locker room. Like “A yeah Bob, it was a squeaker, ya know, Ichihadihara is a great pitcher and you never know what he’d be sailing at you, ya know?” (Naw, I’m gonna skip them get another cup of coffee and try and kill my “funk” with a good joke site. If I google it I will probably find one.)

    Cute aside, and speaking of Google, while having my evening pint at the Pub last evening, some idiot a couple stools down is telling his buddy, “and that dude that is always yelling on TV , ya know that  Kranker or somethin’ like that, about the stock market and what to buy and sell,…well he says a couple more years Google won’t even exist. I called my broker and told him sell it all that google stock I got, I ain’t getting caught on it’s crash! I’m gonna listen to him every night he’s got some damn good advice.” 

And so, I would like to close with a heart moving, tear jerking, emotionally charged, comment or two about “The Life Guard”, you know the one on the Gene Pool that died a few years ago? Sure you do. You remember the folks back then who just did stuff, worked hard, loved thier familes, their God, and the great sacrifices and appreciation they knew our forefathers gave for us?  Yeah  “The Life Guard” is the guy who made sure they were the dominant force in the world. Since he passed,…well just punch up CNN Headline News. That’s what happens when there is no LifeGuard on the gene pool! Nuff said, We will miss him (or her). (Damn it! Another one of those horseshit “sensitivity considerations”.)

Maybe after some toasted bagels with lot’s of butter on them, more coffee, and googling “shits and giggles” I’ll be in a better frame of mind to write another blog. For if I am a true “bi-polar whacko” the next one should be a keeper,…til then,


       And if you REALLY want a rant check out my “disgusted politcal blog”, and the “342 chests” title, that’s the number of chests or cases of Tea thrown in the Harbor at the Boston Tea Party. I’m really think we are fixin’ to perhaps have another Tea Party soon. Cause when “the  rich get richer, and the poor get poorer” there is no “buffer” of a middle class to moderate, ask Marie Antoinette and “what’s their’s should be yours” becomes the objective,….gee sounds like an ad for “Barry ” Obama, doesn’t it?

-30- (again)

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