Posted by: guinness222 | October 17, 2008

“The World Financial Crisis, fully explained!”

Todays Comic

         There always seems to be some truth in humor,…I wonder why?

     I’m still stymied!

      First they (Bankers,Brokers and other financial Crooks)  cry and grovel and beg for money, for a “bailout” , and we do it for $700BILLION dollars

     (Analogy Step One: Giving your wife a new platinum American Express card with NO spending limit on it, because she maxed out all the rest of her cards, all 37 of them !)

     They start (and I hate this word!) “conspiring” in order that each one get at least five times what they need, and start eating thier own young.(“Oh look, that Investment Bank is really bad, take it over, and while you are at it throw a bundle of cash at the banks so they can loan us more”)

      (Analogy Step 2: “Honey, You know I must have a new Dior Gown for the kindergarten graduation for Melissa, and then there is opening day of the little league as well for Timmy, won’t I need at least two more outfits for that as well? And you don’t want me looking like one of those “WalMart Queens” with the “2 for $20 dresses”, they are dish rags! And poor MaryAnne next door, well I feel sorry for her, husband out of work and all, could you give her maybe a few hundred for a new skirt and blouse for the Kindergarten thing? You know she would never accept me giving her anything.”

      And then they just “blow lunch” all over us day after day, “The Market is set to crash at opening, confidence is really thready at best” The pro’s already shorted out everything yesterday when the market soared, time to rip out some profits from the little guys who bought in hopeing we had bottoming out. “Up Monday, down Tuesday, (Wednesday is Golf at the Club, who gives a shit, tee time is 10 am) Thursday “fly baby, fly!”, Friday is payback, take the profit and run, big weekend coming up! “Crash baby crash!”

     Analogy Step 3: “But Mary, they are demanding a payment, they are filing liens against us, they are cancelling your cards, including the new American Express, you’ve even beat thier concept of “How much can one woman spend in a month?” There is no food, the electric is off so we couldn’t cook it anyway, The kids are in detention for beating up classmates for thier lunch money, and get this, they told the Principal you said it was ok becasue they were “re-distributing the wealth” which is acceptable and politically moral.”

     The inevitable? CRASH!!! “Yeah Bob, Charlene and I are moving to the Islands since there is no more Market, I’ve been in this finacial market shit for three years now, we’ve done well, time to re-evaluate our inner selves and relax, do some fishing, cruising, you know retire from the rat race, we’re good for about another thirty, maybe forty years with our offshore account cushions. Come on down for a couple of weeks Charlene and Ginny can kibitz and you and I can,…”go play” , get my drift?”

     Analogy Step 4: “BANG!,…thud.  “John, What was that big bang in the garage, John?”

Fade to black

    Justice, anyone got a good definition? The one I had doesn’t seem to work to well anymore. And all becasue we didn’t replace the Life Guard on the gene pool!


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