Posted by: guinness222 | October 18, 2008

More humor,….everywhere!

A very tired nurse walks into a bank, Totally exhausted after an 18-hour shift.Preparing to write a check, She pulls a rectal thermometer out of her purse And tries to write with it.When she realises her mistake, She looks at the flabbergasted teller, And without missing a beat, she says
“Well, that’s great….that’s just great….
Some asshole’s got my pen!”  (coutesey of Cazzie in Melbourne Australia)

      I’m trying to pick up the shrads of my mind and concentrate on anything but the election, at least for a few more weeks then it’s all over and we can go back to being REAL Americans and bitch about everything and everyone in our government,…and of course blaming it all on the prior Administration,…but just how long will that dog hunt?

     It’s sunny, low mid to upper 70’s , and I really should do something today. (Gonna go check the movies playing, be right back.) WOW! a few really good looking movies, “Body of Lies” with DeCaprio and Crowe, CIA spy double cross stuff, but for whatever reason a “Chick Flick” called “The Secret Life of Bee’s” with Queen Latifa and Dakota Fanning set in 1964 South Carolina looks REALLY good to me. (No wise cracks or Guido will relocate your knuckles more toward your elbow. Ya Got it?)

       Oh! As I was scanning the list of movies on YAHOO’s movie section where you just put in your zip code and poof, no more need for a newspaper, every local theatre within 50 miles and every moive and time and prices,ANDyou can buy your ticket to the show time of your choice and beat the lines! “21st Century being good to me!” BUt as I was looking at the titles I see, “La Nozze de Figaro/ Royal Opera Houase/London,..starts tuesday.” and “Cirque du Soleil – DELERIUM,…Noon Showing”, and “Romeo & Juliet: Royal Ballet/London,…Starts Thursday” AND “Tales of Beatrix Potter: Royal Ballet/London,…starts Sunday”. How cool is that! Even movies today and High Definition, and Digital Projection equipment and a sound system that goes from your left ear directly through your brain and out the right ear like a Dentist with a mission!

      I may just have to go see one of them (I am partial to the Romeo & Juliet, and the music is great by itself. GUIDO, Check that guy in Bismark North Dakota, he’s snickering,…rough him up a littelya know?”) It’s hard to believe how far technology has brought us. Even though Broadway in New York is over a thousand miles away there is a way for little old me in Destin, Florida to see Phantom of The Opera from New York! (Man, just had a brain flash, what a business opportunity! Put together and sell “Culture Packages” and market them for an annual subscription price! How about the Boston Pops 4th of July on the Esplanade in Boston, The Academy of St. Martin’s in the Field doing Beethoven, Phantom of the Opera from Broadway, A full tour of the Egyptian Museum and King Tut’s tomb, and Evening at the Opera Hall in Sydney,….whoa….I’m seeing dollars, big ones. Market it to the Country Club Set with a pre-show Cocktail party, perhaps an after show Buffet. Man there’s money there,…oh yeah, we don’t have money any more,…never mind! Maybe tuuck that one away til the economy comes back. I’d much rather see that than a few local groups that try real hard……BUT it ain’t the London Symphony, it’s the Northwest Florida Symphony,…not even close.

      Well gotta go pick up some medication for mama that I couldn’t get last nighton my way home (Pharmacy closed)

      Maybe later today,…peace!



  1. How about “Porkeys”?

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