Posted by: guinness222 | October 27, 2008

“You ain’t gonna believe it!!!!!”

   Yesterday I was writig about the damn Business Contact section of M/S Outlook that wouldn’t work. Send off my little e-mail to M/S and was waiting to scorn and ridicule the reply, but you know what? Right after i signed off the blog, and just before “adjourning” to the Pub, I decided to check my e-mail again, and there it was!!! The entire Business Contact Manager segment, all set up, in all the places with the commands the book said it should have, ready to go, and the only e-mail I had was a “Congratulations on registering your version of M/S Outlook with Business Contact Manager”!! Well I didn’t, and it was. Now that scares the crap out of me! How did it do it all by itself?

     Now my old friend Mikie would not have been surprised at all, because when he was alive he had a conspiricy theory for everything. He swore Bill Gates had these little programs within programs which Big Brother Microsoft can just quietly open, close or otherwise seize control of your comuter with, for whatever purposes the “Evil Microsoft Empire” has in mind. Now he’s got me wondering.

     Yesterday I wrote something about “doing exactly the same thing six times and being stupid enough to expect something different to happen on one of them”,….well it did! (Gotta get a can of paint and cover that “inspirational business quote ” on the wall over!)

     Oh, then went to the pub, caught the last 37 seconds of my Team, The New England Patriots, as they won the game. (American Football is all about the last three minutes of the game, the other 57 are for the advertisers and talking sports heads and making a buck.)

    A old friend came by the Pub, (I used to manage his Condominium Association), and was telling me about thier Annual Meeting. “You came up again at the Annual Meeting this year”, says he. “Geez, it’s been over two years since I left there, what the hell they blaming me for now?” says I. “They were talking about the lock box system you invented and installed and how it’s the best thing they had ever come up with, and the back up system for the magnetic key locks so folks can get in thier units if thier key card gets de-magnetized and they get there at 3a.m. , so they don’t have to call and wake someone up over it.” says he. “Wait a minute, you said “the best thing they had ever come up with”, you meant the best thing I ever came up with for them, right?”, says I. “No they said “They”,says he,” that’s why I had to tell you, I know you did it , not them!”

       Evil thoughts of providing them with a “complimentary Chocolate Fondue” for next years meeting crossed through my mind, completely laced with enough Ex-lax to insure a very short meeting and very long lines at the rest rooms,….but I’ve mellowed as I age, even my “Rage” personality has learned how to “chill”, so I won’t do that. Maybe some movies size posters all over the wall of my “evil leering” face with “I am always watching!” printed on them and posted on all the walls of thier meeting room when they come in that morning. Or perhaps a recording of my voice saying, “Thank you all for recognizing my accompishments, and of course, honestly crediting them to me, and thanking me for all my past services to your Association,…I am humbled. Thank You” Then putting the Tape recorder in the Air Conditioning Duct work and triggering it to play at the height of the meeting, or when they take credit for any of my accomplishments in thier own name again, and of course just before the end of the meeting  a pithy ending comment on it  like, “Are you sure there is REALLY that much money in the bank, like the Directors say there is,….trust me they tend to “exaggerate” the number of zeros a tad,…… have apleasant day. It’s been good to be with you all again, …even if it’s only in spirit!”

      I guess I’m “ugly” because it’s Monday and work loometh again. My new “toy” is due to be delivered this week, I’ll tell you about it when it gets here. Have a good week.



  1. It’s always so wonderful when others take credit for things you did. How many “toys” do you need?!! 😛

  2. Glad you got your BC straighten out on your computer. As for the system you installed in your old association, you should have copyrighted or trademarked it and made them pay royalties for using it. That way you would get the credit for having it installed. But then they would find something wrong with it and come to you for correction. Can you have it both ways? Let them have it as long as they don’t bother you.

  3. Suvvy,
    It there a limit? Damn! I knew rthere were things about life i was not crazy about!! 🙂

  4. Coffeypot,
    So who says I don’t have the “combiantions ” to spike all 48 of those units if the REALLY piss me off? (“Don’t get mad,….get even!” – St. Paul)

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