Posted by: guinness222 | October 29, 2008

“I need a vacation before cranking up again!”

Todays ComicI need a vacation before cranking up a business again, even if it’s a great massage, three hours of new age music, and lying with my eyes closed and meditating.

     This election crap is really begining to bug me no end, let’s just end this before we all empty into the streets and throw molotov cocktails at each other. But then again maybe that’s what we need.

    But by the way, Welcome to my first annual “Destin Dead Pool” (Destin’s where I live basically) I want $20 and a list from you local residents with a list of who (business wise) will not be here come May 1, 2009. For being the humble monitor of this game I get $5 an entry for “professional services” The one closest to the actual total number and most names of businesses that go under gets 50% of the entire Pot left after my $5 fee. 1st runner up gets the rest. Who says you can’t profit from a recession!!

   Hey I’m on to something here!!!!

    It’s a curse to be thinking all the time!

    Well , got to go flush out the “Dead Pool” concept and get a flyer made. It’s all about the marketing (Wonder if it’s legal? But isn’t that what stock brokers do anyway?)



  1. Make a buck any way you can. It may not be by March, but there will be many closings next year – regardless of who is President.

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