Posted by: guinness222 | October 31, 2008

“Announcing the arrival of the new “baby”, isn’t she cute?”



Have you ever seen a cuter baby! I mean really.
       Check out the little dimples on her cheek,…oh wait a miinute those are the hinges,…sorry! But what about the cute little baby keyboard, all the letters are there, and her color is really good for a newborn, only two days old. I’ve surrounded her with some of my things so she can “bond” with me, even while I’m working. That’s my watch, a roll oc Scotch tape and a stapler, and the cute little thing grabbed my red pen and when i try and take it a way from her the screen flashes all blue with “irrecoverable error”, but if i back away and let her have the pen all goes back to normal.
      She’s got 3 USB ports, a Gig of RAM, a 16 gig internal hard drive, a 10/100 ethernet port, comes with Windows XP Home Edition, and has built in wireless. BUT just like a new born I have to hold her carefully until the little back pack neoprene foam carrier comes (sometime around Thanksgiving they tell me, …back ordered!)
      She’s on a diet of experimental program runs and the like, and I’m doing the whole “Father thing” all over again. The best part is I shut her off and put her to bed about six pm and I don’t hear a peep out of her until I go in and wake her up. She has four Lithium batteries, carrys a four hour charge, has a cute little AC adapter, and even tiny, tinny speakers.
      No need to send Congratulations cards, or the like or flowers, I get a reminder of her beauty and future every month from Dell in the mail. But even with the “fully equipped with all her shots and special “pre-school scholarship” it was only $449, or 24 monthly payments. A cheap price for a new baby, wouldn’t you agree?
     I’m losing it,…..but as a firend in Australia called Cazzie says, “my mind is like lightning, a blinding flash and ….it’s gone!
    Have a great weekend and remember to vote, it is critical this year. Vote for the McCain/Palin of your choice, if not,….stay home and watch Oprah!
     (There is no truth whatsoever that all polling places are renting loud speakers and piping Roy Orbisons song out into the entire neighborhood,… you know the one ,…”It’s OOOOOOOOver, …..OOOOOOOVER!”
      In the event of a Democratic Party victory I will send you a forwarding address, they say Antartica is nice this time of year,…and bullshit free!


  1. Holy Cow! A clean desk?

    Something is wrong here…


  2. That is seriously cute Alec….

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