Posted by: guinness222 | November 6, 2008

“America grows, and so do I!”

First let me apologize to all who expect witty commentaries and “slices of life” in my blog every day. Remember it’s my blog,…not yours. That being said i recognize the fact that there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of folks who are seriously more interested in who Brittany Spears voted for , than the entire political process. And that’s OK, (not something I really care about, but that’s your blog, not mine). So henceforth and forever more, all my political commentary will be made in a “new and improved” blog I have called “The Tea Party Partiot”. If, and I say IF, you are interested please check it out at “”. I make no promises as to frequency or “rational” content, but I will post, at the end of this blog the number “342” instead of my traditional “-30-” when there is a new comment available. Thank you very much, this has been an unpaid political announcement and I am “The Tea Party Patriot”, and I approved this ad. 🙂

Now back to “The Emerald Rose”.
I’m sitting here at 7:30 a.m. trying to decide what to write. Perhaps a little “deep dark personal secret” would stimulate me. OK, I started a Novel, The working title is “The Guinness Factor”, and the really rough premise is that international terroists, a/k/a Islamist Jihadists, have created a plan to covertly manufacture and distribute a human sperm killing virus to bring about the end of procreation in the Infidels all over the world. They need to test the virus in a controlled environment to determine it’s potency and then launch it world wide. The cunning plan allows a fifteen year cycle by the end of which there will be no more conception outside the Islamic population. The “delivery devise” will be in the draft beers of the world. The initial test will be done using Guinness Stout Draught, as it is distributed world wide, but is not such a “major label” as to accidentally draw too much suspicion, or interest.
As I flush out the plot line and basic outline, I’ll throw it up here and invite your comments. Anyone who thinks they can write faster, steal my story, or otherwise attempt to “scuttle my ship” will be dealt with extremely harshly.
In fact I think we’ll carry this one step further, YOU are all invited to submit any thoughts or ideas you would like to see incorporated, i.e. paint me a “hero”, a “romantic interest”, a villian or two, a plot twist that would “punch it up a bit more”, or anything else you think would make it go. I will evaluate your comments, characters, or anything else you submit , AND your name will go on the finished product as the “Inspriational Collaborative”. (I know, a little corny, but wouldn’t you like to see your name in print, besides police reports that is “he,he,he”) And what I’ll do is contribute 10% of whatever $ the book brings me to the United Nations Children’s Fund in all of your names.

Well , I’ll eagerly await your response to the challenge, and if we get enough interest I will put up a seperate, “Private” blog sight for all my “Coaches” where you can check in, see the latest write of the novel, and leave editorial comments or suggestions. When we are all done we publish it. (Or try to, I do know an editor or two and I will float the idea past them as we go ahead.

This week end I’ll blog you all and let you know what’s happening with this project, and establish the “Private Blog” if there is enough interest. SEE you too can be a successful author as part of the “Inspirational Collabrative” Let’s set a goal or two shall we? Let’s attempt to become the largest writing collaborative for a single book, and see if we can get recognition, (a/k/a FREE Advertising) from the Guinness Book of World Records. I wonder what the largest number of people to collaborate on a single work of published fiction really is? I’m getting excited, this could be a hell of a project for all of us, and FUN!!! The first book ever written as a collective world wide project via the internet and a blog,….ooooooh another world record! (As I have said many times I have never been accused of being TOTALLY sane and rational!)
So let me hear from you,…please.



  1. So, the put one in office instead.

  2. I like your plot. I have so many ideas I’ve started and not picked up again. I’m anxious to read some of it when you get started!!

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