Posted by: guinness222 | November 8, 2008

“Yes, it is getting truly better,…..I think!”

Welcome to another weekend, I played around with my little “on-line” daytimer this morning. It’s neat. Regardless of where in the world you are you can go to any computer anywhere and plug right into your daytimer, make notes, write down new tasks, whatever, and it’s all computer driven so no damn handwriting involved.
I did put the first Chapter of The Guinness Factor up on “” blog so if youare interested check it out and join in the fun, or just follow along.
Was screwing around on the net this morning, (so what else is new?) and on itunes store i started messing with albums and music. If it’s just me and the cats I do heavy classical cranked to the rafters. (Even the Jehovahs Witnesses and Mormons know not to be knock’n’ while “Mr. G is a rockin’!) Found a great new ablum just relased in May of 2008 called “The 50 most esential pieces of Classical Music” it is SUPER!! Definately not the “nap stuff” and it’s almost like a box of those damn “Sampler” Chocolates, I’m hearing a number of pieces I’ve not really spent much time listening to before , but find myself saying, “Hmmm. Guess I ‘ll look for a few other pieces by the composer and see if they are as good.” I always loved music. But I did get very pissed off as well. On the i-Tunes site you can read reviews of the album by other buyers, and get 30 second sound “clips” of each cut before you make a decision to buy or not. Below is a “review” posted by the ultimate best reason I’ve heard yet for getting a new Lifeguard on the gene pool,….abject and total stupidity!

“Outdated music no one cares about”, by I-Love-Jessica
“This music went out of style a century ago. Seriously, who likes this any more? I’d much rather enjoy a real artist like Jessica Simpson than listen to “symphony” (basically a boring cluster of instruments) written by some dead guy no one knows. Can these composers make!” a catchy beat like today’s artists? I thought not! Just because you cram a bunch of instruments into one song, and have them play completely random notes doesn’t make you an artist!

Let’s just see if anyone on earth remembers Jessica Simpson in a hundred years! That frosts my petunia!!

Going to go see that comedy movie “Role Model” tonight and then grab a bite on the way home. I buy the tickets on line which is also tres cool!

One little rant before I go shower and shave, (shit it’s already 1pm!)

I heard through my underground grape vine last monday that the firm I work for and plan on buying lost one of it’s bigger clients, about a $25,000 client a year, and then on tuesday night I heard they lost another yeilding $35,000 a year. So I go in Wednesday and find the “boss” avoiding me, no time to talk kind of rushing about. So I drop into his office late Wednesday and say “What’s new?” (I know he doesn’t want to tell me anything simply becasue his perennial neat office looks like he has a herd of pet camels living there.) “I’m just straight out today, but we should get together tomorrow, are you going to be in?” (Like sorry, my appointment with the new White House Transition Team to interview for Secretary of Defense is at 10, lunch with Sarah Palin at 12, cocktails with Wolf blitzer at 4,….but I think I can drop by if you think it’s important.”) “Yeah I’ll be here all day.”
Thursday he’s a whirling dervish, he’s in, he’s out, he’s up, he’s down, so I just sit still and whenever I hear him head for the front door (wooden floors , staccato clicks of his shoes, all the tell tale signs, you know?) I wander out to the lobby to ask the receptionist a question, and get the “Look I got to go to this meeting, and then the bank and I’m meeting my Mom for lunch so let’s shift things to Friday morning, first thing. That good with you , you going to be in early?”
So yesterday I pin him down and walk in his office and close his door behind me. “Oh, gee that’s right we need to talk don;t we.” He then tells me these two associations have given notice, and he’s cancelling the lease on the current office and thinking of moving the company to an aprtment over his garage, and firing one of the bookeepers, and how we will have to “circle the wagons” ,and all to get through the next year or so.
“Does this mean you are going back on your word to sell the company to us?” (I like blunt and direct!)
“Well , I just thought you guys would want to lower theoffer you made me, and……”
“and which you agreed too.”
“Yeah well I agreed, but with $60,000 in revenue out of $425,000 going away, and I can’t take a penny less than you offered me, so I thought,…well I’d listen to any thing you have to offer but it’s not doable for me at any less, so…..”
“Maybe not to you, but we will review things and make that decision.”
“When will you know what you are going to do, I already called the landlord and gave him our notice for the end of December.”
“I’m sure we will be back to you the first of the week, and I was going to cancel this lease anyway, far too much office, and I’ve already looked a several others for much less.”
“And by the way i heard about the two accounts leaving us a few days ago, one of them I planned on throwing out anyway, not enough fee for the amount of work they are demanding, so they are no big loss. See you Monday, have a great weekend!”

End of rant, I think he’s figuring out that if he sells the money won’t carry him without his own Federal Bailout Package. —-Tough Shit Paddy!


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