Posted by: guinness222 | November 17, 2008

“I think the owrld is getting,….well,…crazy?”

Saturday I had a meeting to go to in the morning and wound up coming home and settling in front of the ‘puter to sort of “surf”. One thing led to another and the next thing you know I’m seeing a lot of crazy stuff popping up in front of me, stuff that is a little scary!
One link to another and “poof” you’re in the “netherworld”! Somehow I got to a blog called, “the Hal Turner Show”, this is a very sick puppy, add a swastika and a salute and it’s 1938! Yesterday I stumbled across another site called, “the Venus Project” right here in the State of Florida. Some really way out thinking from another site called  “”  the creation of money creating debt, and more money which adds more debt, to a group called “The Venus Project”  that is advocating complete rule by technology so no one has to work, everything is provided for us, and we just advance technology, get rid of politicians (I’m on board there!) but weird.

       I am especially concerned with the real lack of sustainable thinking going on in society today. Then I hear that President Elect Obama had set up a website and the entire blueprint for all the changes to be made were on it, and then ….”poof” as fast as it appeared, well , it disappeared overnight from the site! I’m getting really afraid we are all on the Titanic and the Captain has beamed himself to Vegas to play craps!

      Sure I’m afraid of “layoffs” and the like, I have never seen things all falling apart at the same time and really not seeing any game plans on the horizon,……from anybody. Everyone says they are “very, very concerned”, everyone is promising to make it an “international priority”, but no body is doing shit!

     Just a note on the car companies. Back in ’72, when gas went crazy and we approached rationing it, the American people made it very clear we wanted smaller, more efficient, more lasting, more maintenancefree moptor vehicles. So Detroit pumps out a few really crappy little “death-traps” and resumes bigger, better, more expensive design and production. I guess the only folks who really understand the American people are the Japanese. They started giving this country what we asked for, we bought into it. They figured out how to put “bling” on thier cars and let us gain happiness that we had a superior stereo system in a little Japanese crackerbox, but as long as the speaker system was decent,….well, we would embrace it. We wanted a little sporty, so Mazda gives us the Miata in 1990. The lines are so long and the backlog so big they are selling at almost three times the sticker price, but Detroit was still sound asleep, clinging to the old Corvette, as what we wanted in a sports car. Collectively they all give us the SUV (translation “Suck Up Victims) they taught us that we too could be our own private army, our front line defenses, with our SUV’s able to flatten Toyota’s, KIA’s, and even Lexus’s without so much as a scratch, then let’s take it up another rung, give ’em the HumVee, I, II, and III, a drop dead look alike for the “Hummer” sold to the Military as a replacement for the old reliable “jeep”, but with a huge overdose of steroids. It’s like Arnold Swatzenegger doing battle with “mini-me” from Austin Powers fame!

       Now they want bailout mony too? Forgive me, but,…when Microsoft first came out with windows and the entire world learned how disasterous it was did we bail them out? No, we simply took the tact, “You want to survive it, …find  way to fix it, not our problem”. Did we ever bail anyone out for free? Ok we lent Chrysler a boat load of money, BUT,…Lee Ioccoca understood the word “loaned” that’s why it was paid back in full by Chrysler in the ’80’s. They did it by “thinking” thier way out of the problem,…not whining “BUT YOU OWE ME!” Iacocca developed the “K” cars, the “Caravan” a uniquely great vehicle, the space we desired, the energy consumption levels we desired, a reasonable price we could afford, and even a “cup holder”!

        Me? I am thinking let them all fail. Erase the Board and let’s start over. We have the solutions, if we look for them, if we reward them what has them, and they can clearly DEMONSTRATE them as workable. No more of this “R&D” ivesting. If you believe, use your money to prove it to us. What is GM going to do with a huge chunk of money? They promise to “re-tool” their factories. To make exactly what? It ain’t gonna bankrupt you to show us what you got under the sheets. If you can’t convince US government, AND the American citizens you’ve been bullshitting about conservation, extended range, practicality, etc.,…then screw you,…8,….9,…10! You are out! There are people out there with the answers. I don’t give a damn if I am driving a 2011 Anderson, or a 2009 Rosenblatt, or any other thing, as long as it works, works efficiently, etc. OK, I’m 64, but I remeber buying a BRAND NEW 1972 Volkswagon for $1875.00 from the dealer, and it worked for my wife, myself and our two kids for several year, efficiently, economically, and it was “fun”. Was it the “safest car on the road”,…NO, was it the most efficient and economical YES, and we are all still alive and functioning.

       Speaking of working efficiently I’m going to opt out and take my social security come March at 64 years old. The extra two years to “full retirement age” of 66 seems like the second decade past eternity, the way we are currently going.

       And just another thought for you. IF Obama, can not deliver, and do it relatively quickly, I think there will be a wave of racism, and reverse racism, sweeping this country like we’ve never seen, and I’m talking inside two years. So many people were deluded into voting for him, so many were flat out given “HOPE” with no anchor, but assumed there would be an anchor, so many never studied history or Socialism and do not understand you can’t have a $100,000 a year job with a $50,000 bonus and Free medical dental, and vision insurance unless you can really spell “cat”, and know how to add 1+1, and more importantly know what it equals, and what to do with it.

        I’ve already shared with you the demise of the middle class in other ranting blogs (check out if there are them what has, and them what don’t, it’s elementary, them what don’t will seeth, rage, and eventually take it from theme what has it! THE ONLY BUFFER is “The Middle Class”, and it’s shrinking dramatically every day, in every way. When you are an out of work minimum wage earner with a wife an two kids and you are all hungry, guess what,… get food anyway you can! Why are gun sales going through the roof in this country, right now as I write this. Because they are scared to death for themselves and thier families,…that’s step one. Step two is when THEY have to become the predator to survive and care for thier family, that’s when it gets crazy. I fear this is going to be a very, very short honeymoon, and even I am looking around and thinking “Am I safe enough? Can I withstand a wave of hatred and the backlash that is ahead of us?, and lastly,….Can I take care of my family if I’m layed off, my IRA is eaten up and gone, both my wife an I are aging and not the first choice for new jobs,….Can I survive?”

       I read a letter from someone the other day, and I don’t care if we have elected a new President, deep seated racisism still exists, hatred is “pent up” on both sides. Granted it is not perhaps the vast majority, but it was not a “vast majority” that created Nazi Germany, it was not a “vast majority” that created Dafur, it was not a “vast majority” that brought the lack of morals and concern to this country,….it was a small, very dedicated, insanely obsessed minority,…and they did it and it’s growing worse.

      Sitting in “the pit” I feel more like an Ann Frank, hidden upstairs in a windowless room, surrounded by my computers, my books, and my fears. Some may say I’m “over thinking it”, so give me some hope! What do you see out there in your crystal ball, or do you just get up, go to work, come home, watch TV, go to bed, and occasionally say a little prayer that you hope you’re wrong, and everything will be ok.



  1. I did read the above post, but am at the beginning of a cold and can’t even think about trying to come up a decent comment about it. So here’s what I am commenting on….:P

    Your typos crack me up!! How do you do moptor instead of motor? LOL You should see some of mine before I run them through spell check. 🙂

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