Posted by: guinness222 | November 27, 2008

“A Thanksgiving test for you!”

        Aside from the normal things like my health, my wife, our children, and the other “personal” thankgivings I am deeply thankful for being born an American. and it was purely coincidental this morning that a friend sent me an e-mail with a link he challenged me to go to the site, and take the test that appeared there,….so I did.

        After I took the test there is a “submit” button (this is all on the “up and up”, not a joke or mailing list or any of that other devious crap!) Naturally it came back with my score and asked if I wanted to see the rest of the 2700+ scores for 2008, and I said “Sure, why not.”  The results were not only shocking, but absolurtely scary. You can also download the entire 32 page report, or order a copy to be mailed to you. I pulled down the PDF file and started reading the overall report and was absolutely numb after the first page.

       I invite you to all go to this site, which I am placing in the blog here: and would ask that you take the test, then check you results against the rest of the folks who took it, then tell me what you think.

      Our freedom, our way of life, and our very being is , as a Russian soldier remarled to Mike Wallace who was interviewing Russians in Lenin Square after the fall of the Communist regime, “worth more than a simple pound of sausage”, a very wise soldier. Are we that wise, ….check it out!

Mr. Guinness

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