Posted by: guinness222 | November 29, 2008

“I am just flat L-A-Z-Y !!”

    I notice that this time of year I tend to get into a little bit of a ‘blue funk”. So this year I am documenting it in the blog here.

   Phase 1 – Lazy– Got off work at 4pm Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, went to the pub, had a pint, wished everyone Happy Thanksgiving, and headed home. No real motivation, no drive, nothing. I sort of felt like the car, drive it home, put it in the garage, and it’ll be there Monday morning when I have to go back to work. Pretty sad hey?

     As I said we went to Church Thanksgiving morning, went out to breakfast, came home, hung out til 4pm went to Stinky’s Fish Camp and had Turkey dinner, came home and crashed. I’m feeling like a plane in a holding pattern, just waiting to land, or go somewhere else. Can’t sleep for 96 hours so I am “piddling”, just doing little things, clean up my desk, file the past few months bills, get ready for Income Tax preparation time, ….just whatever. Friday was more of the same, write the blog, surf the net, got a little excited over a new writer’s spot I found called “” but it looks more like a writer’s “mill” , sort of too commercial, plus I’ll be damned if I can figure out where you put what you write. They give a title, and you write the article, then your peers grade it. (Sounds a lot like English 101 to me!) Went to the pub for a couple of hours while the wife went to work for four hours last night, then home and we all go to bed, sleep period 3 of four.

     Now it’s Saturday morning, here I sit AGAIN, writing a blog entry, entering day three of four, one left then back to work. My damn computer at the office went off line sometime last night so I’ll have to go down and reset it again so I can get my e-mail at work from my home computer (see? just on a hold to go to work,…damn I’m disgusted with myself!)

    My favourite College Football team, Boston College, is playing this afternoon at 2:30 my time, and if they win they go to the Division Championship next week, and they are pretty much assured of a good “bowl game” (They currently hold the record for the most consecutive College Bowl games won in the NCAA at nine straight, next nearest is like seven) What should I do Doctor?

     Speaking of which, got to go get the blood work done next week for the 12/18 annual physical thing. I’m also just “sitting” a lot more now, no physical activity to speak of, and I know that’s not good. The sunrise this morning looked really great, the blues, the pinks, the reflections on the clouds before the yellowish rise of the day came, but in three short hours we’ve gone to completely overcast with that threat of rain all over,…sigh,….even the day is feeling lazy like me.

     Next is the Christmas “funk”, the way it falls this year on a Thursday, we will close the office about noon Wednesday, and be off until the following Monday. Money is extremely tight, and after December it’s anyone’s guess where I’m getting a pay check. The best “good news” right now is the year is almost over,…2008 was not a “great year” for anyone.

     I tried to start, or spark something with my challenge to write a book, but I guess everyone else is just as lazy as me.

     Broke my glasses in half the other night so I took them back to the store and they were able to “solder” the frame together where it broke, but I also ordered another pair just for reading. (you might know I found a pretty good book, was getting into it and BAM! glasses broke couldn’t continue until the next day.

     Well it’s only 9:15 a.m. and I’m about out of things to do. Sorry if this one is depressing, but it’s kind of where I  am today, guess I’ll go eat breakfast, wake up the wife, she’ll go shopping (food shopping, not the “hell on wheels” Christmas kind. We both pretty much agreed it will be a very “economical” Christmas as we have no idea where the economy, the job market, or the money supply is going in 2009.

     Tomorrow I’ll try and be brighter, but like John Denver used to sing, “Some days are diamonds, Some days are stone.”


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