Posted by: guinness222 | December 8, 2008

Vampire morning!

  Got to go get my blood drawn today, actually in an hour so lucky you guys this will be very short.

  Boston College lost, like 30-12 Saturday, so I’ve been in mourning. I’ve dodged the bullet on the two concerts my wife’s ecumenical choir had Sunday, but I’m trapped for tonight. (I know I gotta do it, so just tell me shut up, suck it up, and it’s only two hours of my life!)

   Other than that a rather uneventful week end, actually too short, (aren’t they all?) I’m debating whether to go to work today or not. I guess I will, It’s “Meatloaf Monday” at the Pub. (Homemade meatloaf, it’s a male comfort food thing, mashed potatoes, green beans with diced onions, and home made corn bread. All for $5!) Ok decision made, gotta go to work, but I’ll try and keep it short. (“Ah boss, gotta leave early, like 1pm, right after I get back from lunch,…ah my friend in Sydney, Austrailia her cat didn’t come home Friday night and like, I told her I’d look around town here in Florida and see if he’s around here. You know how those cats get around.”)

       I’m battling the “give a shits” today, but it will get better. Maybe it’s becasue there is no sunlight when I get up in the morning, or maybe it’s the fact that this is one of those “fasting” blood tests this morning. But no coffee either, my blood pressure will be about 2 million over 1 million if I have to wait another hour and a half for my “wake up juice”. With all the equipment and medical technology you would think they could either invent a chemical they just put two drops in before they run the tests and it neutralizes the coffee in the blood,….somebody call CSI, I bet they can tell us about it!

       Gotta go shower and go to the vampire now, I’m finding that I keep glancing over at the bowl of cat food, and my “inner strength” is on the decline.

     Have a good day!


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