Posted by: guinness222 | December 25, 2008

“Merry Christmas to all!”

    No funnies today, no “bah-humbugs” ust Merry Christmas to all. Got my “best ever Presents again this year and every year hereafter PLEASE! (a/k/a three full body massages at “For the Health of It”, the local Granola and “naturally organic” place) Now I have nothing against thier life style, and dietary constraints,….BUT, …no wonder they are all skinny and pale, and most of them smell funny, they spend so much on the “foo-foo” naturally organic ground roots of the Amazonian Tinkleberry tree it amounts to about a mouthfull a week. Gimme the old fashion “hot dogs” and “burgers”, but hold the fries, I’m trying to get healthy. But I digress.

       If you REALLY want a great massage go toone of these places, It’s  a health food store with a massage place in the back (no funny comments Coffee, I know your kind!) They do know the body. like I said last week, they “miraculously cured” three of my ailments. AND I do believe that if Every single American were allowed one full body massage a week, paid for by health insurance, we’d close down half the damn drug stores, put a shit load of Doctors out on the stree looking for work, and guess what? We would all feel better, be nicer to each other, and the whole world would begin to function properly ,…..AGAIN.


     Going to the movies with the wife to see “Marley and ME”, then home to some Beef Wellington , baked potatoes, small salad, two glasses of Jacob’s Creek 2006 Reserve Australian Shiraz, and “nap time” in the recliner to ten.

     Have a Merry One!



  1. Glad you had a good day, bud. Now, go to work.

  2. Sign me up for the weekly massage…sounds wonderful!

    Nice afternoon too, movie, Beef Wellie and some wine………….

    Happy & Merry day to you.

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