Posted by: guinness222 | December 26, 2008

“Attention, “techie” in the house,….run!”

     Long ago in a far off galaxy, (probably about 1997), I found that Apple computers would allow you to put up two montiers and they both worked so that if you moved something to the far left (or right) of your screen, it left the first monitor and appeared on the second, …like TRES COOOL!!!. Well last week i did a little “putzing around” in the Best Buy store and found out I could now do it with the new Vista  Operating system. (Still a piece of crap Bill, get the damn thing fixed right!)

      And I also remembered when i attended Mac World in San Fran in the mid 90’s I bought a TV tuner card for my Mac as well. Well,…as they say in one of the old TV shows,…”I went in “hot pursuit”. Got the TV tuner for Christmas, from the wife, (I even wrapped it for her! What a guy!) And then this morning I braved Best Buy and bought a video card that would let me split my monitoprs as well. I am in “techie pig heaven” WOOOO, WOOOOO. Hooked them all up, even took time to read the directions, (man that makes this shit so much easier! Who’da’ thunk it!) It all works, and I’m writing to you on my 23″ monitor while I have a TV showrunning on my 17″ monitor. Now as my wife just asked,….”Are you ever going to leave your cave now?” (Women have such a narrow point of view!)

        The wife has to work tonight, and yesterday we went to see the “Marley and me” movie. It makes “Old Yella” look like a Marx Brothers Comedy. I sat crying like a baby and came home and tried to hug my Cat. (His attitude was a “WTF,….(scratch, scratch,scratch),…get off my ass you turkey! The wounds will heal, hopefully.

      But given a choice of the “Me & Marley” or the new WWII Tom Cruise Nazi movie, “Valkyrie” it took her about 2 seconds to decide,sooo to celebrate my “Doctorate in High Tech Stuff”, so rightly earned today, I am going to see “Valkyrie while she works,…(she thinks it’s a wonderful idea becasue then she won’t get dragged there next week, when it’s my choice. ) Then off to the Pub for a few pints, someholiday laughs, and home to “The Pit” to contemplate my next high tech move. (Think it’s going to be to build a true server for the house, sure as hell have enough “stuff” lying around now to hack up a Dimension 3000 that has been replaced.)

       Well off for a bite to eat before the show, and to see if my hankerchief is dry from Marley and Me yesterday. It is WELL, WELL, worth seeing, regardless of my unmanly whimpering in my seat.

      Hope you got all you asked for, and tomorrow I will share with you the diabolical and devious masterplan for 2009 to insure I remain healthy, unstressed, moderately acceptably up to date with paying my bills, and “zoned”. Curious, tune in tomorrow.


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