Posted by: guinness222 | December 27, 2008


   After writing a short (and dumb i might add) “blog entry” this morning I was just putting around the ‘puter when I got an e-mail,… “INCOMING!!!!” (If you are a ‘Nam vet you understand). Iam an old Navy vet, and frankly you have no idea, not even a clue, how important mail call was when you were in the service. Anyway that’s another blog entry subject.

     Well I get this e-mail from one Tim Westergren welcoming me to “”. Ok, we’ll back up a bit. I was surfin’ and hiting a few blog connects and one of them mentioned this cool “make your own radio station” thing called “”. Well bing an old fart I figure I’ll check it out. Sure would be nice to find a radio station that plays what I like to listen to all the time, not from “10 -11pm on Monday , Wednesday and Friday evenings on NPR”, etc. So I go to check it out.

     It is the cat’s ass, the bee’s knees, and whatever other hyperbole turns you on or trips your trigger or whatever. I’m still trying to figure it all out but it bloody works great! I am thrilled with it, obviously!


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