Posted by: guinness222 | December 29, 2008

“Veni, Vidi, Posti!”

    From the latin, “I came, I saw, and I posted” (Baaaad joke, I aplogize. ) I’m sitting here playing with my two screen thingy. I have CNBC Financial on one screen and listening to it, while my blog screenis on the other and I’m writing to you as well. Cooooooool!

     Never realized so many folks were up this early, all these CNBC “analysts” and stock folks, and it’s at least three hours before the market oens, but now I know what happened in Japan with the Nikkei, and the Heng Sen index in China, and what’s going dopwn in Germany, Italy and Great Britain! Way Coool!, (but I haven’t got any money to put in my piggy bank, let alone one of these places.)

       Got a call from my Doctor this morning at 7a.m. (another “early person”)  I had one of those ultra sound screenings done back in Novemeber, and just got the results last week, in fact the day before Christmas, so I sent them over to the Doc. Seems like the “blood velocity” in the right carotid artery, (the one that throbs in your neckwhen you want to strangle the shit out of someone) is half the velocity of the one on the left side. My opinion, (not that anyone asked me) is some blockage with those little white floaty things from the TV commercials called plaque. Anyway he said he’s not to sure, but as a precaution is scheduling me for a complete Ultrasound screening at the hospital, THIS WEEK. I guess when the Doc is “concerned” they would have been ringing my doorbell with an ambulance outside, but I’ll let you know what the results are. (Thank GOD there is no colesterhol or “plaque” in Guinness, guess this means I have to give up food as well now!

      Got to go , got an early meeting on budgets I have to attend, I’ll pop on from the office and write more later.


   p.s. Got a new keyboard, great touch to it and very comfortable, but it seems to skip letter and flip them around and not space correctly. Guess I’ll have to study the manual a little more. It’s got all these “extra” instant keys on it I’m going to need a cheat sheet for it! The old one kept sliding forward and would eventually faLL OFF THE FRONT OF THE LITTLE DRAWER THINGY UNDER THE DESK (damn Caps Lock button also faulty!), and bouncing off my feet. Bye!


  1. You wouldn’t have plaque if you flossed regularly.

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