Posted by: guinness222 | January 6, 2009

“So why are you surprised?”

      Sorry, I have to drop back into the political world. Why? Because it seems like the world is awash in “bleeding heart” liberal idiots! Let’s talk the Gaza strip.

      This will be very short and very brief.

     If you “poke” a sleeping giant what do you expect, a free coupon to Disney World? Come on folks, get real. While I can sympathize with the Palestinian people themselves in that they feel their “country” was hi-jacked from them in 1948, but guys, it’s done, it’s over, kaput! You don’t stand a chance of getting it back, with or without the UN, and particularly by popping in a few rockets.

       Now Israel, right or wrong, is 60 years old as a country, and have made it VERY clear it will co-exist with the middle eastern countries and it’s neighbors, BUT has very clearly indicated it will in fact and in deed “clean anyone’s clock” who may chose to act aggressively. They have the military support of the United States as a deterrent to reinforce their position. They train, train, train, and to the last man and woman their belief in their rights are about as flexible as a steel beam.

      If Syria, Iran,  Iraq and the rest of the middle Eastern “nations”  are so “supportive” of this concept,….then get together, give the Palestinian people their own chunk of sand, share some of yours with them, and let them grow as a nation! Support them that way,…don’t give them guns, ammunition, rockets, and other instruments of war and aggression.

      Even Great Britain came to their senses and realized the old Empire upon which “the sun never set” was just that, an “OLD” paradigm whose time was gone. From that came Canada, The United States, Australia, and many many more, including Israel and most of the other Middle eastern “countries”.

     The ONLY way Isreal can be displaced is the complete unification and joint action of the ENTIRE  middle eastern countries as a “team”, very much like joint alliance and actions of the U.S. Great Britain, France, ad the hundreds of other allies that fought WWII. And we all know that will never happen, in anyone lifetime, so they just keep poking the sleeping giant.

       Israel seems overly civil in that they warn, they spell out stop, cease, desist, etc. in every funky tongue used over there. They drop leaflets saying “Don’t go here we are going to attack it”, they give ample time and opportunity, and all the “bleeding heart liberals” say it’s not enough?

      Forget the “truce” I would simply just keep going and wipe out every stupid idiot that is of the opinion that “Hamas”, a gang of illiterate street thugs, have a clue what they are doing to hurt their own people!

     Do they realize they are hurting their people more than Israel? Last count I heard after six days of “war” Israel has lost two or three soldiers and the Palestinians have lost four or five hundred! How much more decisive does it have to be before the Palestinian people realize they are simply “cannon fodder” for the local thugs, and ink for he bleeding heart liberal news media!

      End of rant for today! I hate politics! It seems to rhyme perfectly with gross tupidity and really not caring a damn about anything but re-election and making money!

       I think it was Churchill who said something like, “There are only two countries in the Middle East, Egypt and Israel, …the rest are just tribes!” I concur.


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