Posted by: guinness222 | January 7, 2009

“Attention K-mart shoppers,……”

 I happened to be looking at my “dashboard” for this blog a few minutes ago and it says this blog is my 399th. I am impressed with me! But the pressure now mounts for the 400th, what memorable and deeply philosophical claptrap can i put into # 400 so years from now as you are rocking at the old age farm you can say to the 21 year old reporter who asks you how you’ve lived so carefree for so many years, “Ever read Mr. Guinnes’s Blog, …I did. # 400 was a real eye opener!”

        Do I sound a “tad” too carried away with my own self importance? Forget I asked, I already know.

       Anyway, I’ll throw out this challenge to the entire readership of my blog, (both of you – :)) what should I write about, you tell me. Because I am easily bored, have severe ADD, and am addicted, be quick with your suggestions, or I’ll have to hold them over for #500

       Well, gotta get back to practicing “Buddy can you spare a dime?” If I do it in a falsetto I can visit San Francisco and make money, or I wonder how it sounds in Spanish. It sure doesn’t fly when using an Irish accent!



  1. If you were in a place where financial difficulties did not cloud and obstruct your vision, hypothetical case, what would you love to be doing with your time? This must not be tied to money in any way – in other words, that million dollar sports car or trillion dollar yacht cannot be in your reply. For example, personally I get major kicks out of inventing new things with software. For me to do so I only need my mind and a low-cost machine. For me, the creative process of discovery is a real kick.

    Another way of putting this is – what defines enjoyment and satisfaction for you?

  2. Well, I believe that if you don’t pat yourself on the back every now and then, you never will get the monkey off it.

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