Posted by: guinness222 | February 2, 2009

My 64th February!!

     Just sitting and thinking of silly things yesterday afternoon watching the clock drag onward. (See previous post for “sharp tick in the eye ” details ) It came to me this was the 64th February of my life (actually 65th if you count the month I was actually brought forth into this world of dysfunctional people, greedy bankers, BUT on the other hand a woman who loves me, children who in their late 30’s FINALLY concede “Dad” was right, they should have gone to college.

         #1 son got his Associates degree six months ago and is working 24/7 on his Bachelors degree in “Information Technology” , he’s already running a help desk for a firm in Dallas Texas and is titled Director of Marketing/IT Manager,….like I said if you went when I told you , you could be sending me on vacation to Sydney, Dublin, Malta, and Hawaii to “play” with my worldwide friends instead of sitting in the “elephant graveyard” of the United States,….Florida. But,  in the next life I’ll be  SimonLegree about it with my kids, (sigh), It’s a sin to waste a healthy senior citizen on only one life. They should let us be re-born into a world like a Benjamin Button, and age in reverse,….particularly since we now know where all the potholes are!)

          #(OK grammar Nazi’s, how do you “capitalize” the # sign when you use it to start a sentance,…gotcha, and don’t cop out and say you don;t ’cause I just did it.) two child, Daughter #1, completed her Associates Degree in legal Studies and is also on a 24/7 track to get her Bachelors in Legal Studies, and then on to law school.I could have used a lawyer years ago, but I guess at this point it will be good to have someone in the family to sort out my shit when I mosey on to the big “Pub” in the sky.

          # 3 child,(see now I’ve done it twice!)  #2 Son, is still in the “new Dad” stage where being around his child and wife are “THE” objective of life. (Soon enough he’ll get “awakened” into the world of everything costs money, get back to working/slaving  to provide and build a huge “cushion” to safeguard your family) but being the “last model”, my wife and I launched, with all the upgrades, and “new and improved” components he will be the more advanced, but as always it will be on his terms and his time schedule, (sigh)..not ours. (Hope I live that long, he’ll probably wind up on the Food Channel as the Iron Chef Challenger who beat them all simoultaneously, and made food that “humans” could actually eat and enjoy,….of that I’ve no doubt.)

         By the way why does this gourmet stuff they call “foam” look like someone just spit on the food? Right?

       Anyway I’m proud of my kids,…but don’t tell them, a Dad’s still gotta keep a little “leverage” to keep ’em moving forward,…besides now with an “IT Manager” as a son, I don’t expect to ever have another problem with my damn computer! (I wish!)

       My brother-in-law flys home this afternoon and I’ve got a bit of catching up to do on my Vitamin “G” this evening, now that the silly Super Bowl is over and done. (And the commercials were by and large on a scale of one to ten about a four!)

       Well, I’m going to wrap this up as I have to go threaten “The Boy King” to give me my “January” check now, or be the featured Soprano in the Vienna Boys Choir tomorrow, and then try and straighten out what’s still packed in boxes after our office move Saturday.

       Oh yeah, and my birthday is the 22nd of February by the way, how do I remember? Because the great State of Florida sned me a “birthday card” which tells me my cars are no longer registered to be driven on the roads after that date, unless I pay them their annual fees of $95 per vehicle. (sigh) At this age it’s nice to know someone besides your kids remember it’s your birthday every year,…well that’s an even a 50/50 situation with the kids,… but the State? It always remembers!

        Thank you Ford!



  1. We are always proud of our kids – most of the time. My daughter flunked out of her fist college experience with a minus 400 GPA and a year long hangover. But she started working with me and found out filing and sorting was not her cup of tea. She went back to college and graduated close to, but not quiet, with honors. Then went back and got her masters degree. She develops training manuals and teaches some classes in telecommunication for AT&T now. But I had better now hold my breath for her to send me anywhere except to QT for coffee.

  2. Happy Birthday! I’m telling you now because by then I will forget. 🙂 Not that I don’t care, but because my brain does not retain birth dates very well for anyone. At least I’m not descriminatory that way.

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