Posted by: guinness222 | February 8, 2009

“Anger is a beautiful thing!”

     My opening apologies to all who are easy to anger, softer than a pile of shit, or otherwise “bleeding heart liberal whackos”.

     I read a report today on what is included in this House Stimulus Bill they passed last week. I’m still shuttling back and forth to “worship the porcelain God” , it is so disgusting, and wrought with political pork and waste!

         Now they say you shouldn’t criticize unless you have something to say,soooooo go get a large glass of a good red wine, (shit bring the whole damn bottle back to the computer too!), at least a full six pak, (or two 4-paks if you are a Guinness drinker) and stretch out and follow “The Mr. Guinness Reform and Recovery Package”. Feel free to copy it and send it to friends, if there are any “bleeding heart liberals” that read it and even “think” I might have a point, then please send a copy to Barry Obama, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.

      Oh yeah,…and if you are so inclined to send me gifts that go “tick-tock” please know I always donate those gifts to my local Democratic  Party Fund Raisers Drive, …….what a guy!

      So first of all why do we need a “stimulus package”, and who the hell are we stimulating? My Daddy always told me “It’s not that you really “need” it,…but you “want it”.” WE DON’T NEED IT! , flat out totally unequivocally just don’t need it! On a smaller scale you can better comprehend, I once owned a business, despite all my efforts and sacrifices, and use of every tool available to me,….it failed. Am I bitter,…for a while I was. Am I angry,….for a while I was. Is my life over,…for a while it was.. BUT I had to get up, kick myself in the ass, and move along, because I had a wife and family to support, and if I didn’t do it no one else was going to do it! I, and only I made some bad choices, some bad decisions, and in the long run even I know the business was doomed to failure before I spent the first under capitalized dime on it.

       So good bye GM, good bye Ford, good bye Chrysler,…and on your tombstones, “See guys,..shit happens when you don’t listen!”

        “We the People”,…asked you, then told you, and even showed you in the 70’s that we COULD, and WOULD make do with less if we had to, as a matter of common sense, but damn it you didn’t listen!  You pushed the big ass SUV’s as a “gotta have one”, and the big ass gas guzzling monsters like F-250 trucks, Suburbans, Cadillacs and Lincolns and all as “gotta get you one of them” necessities. You made a few pathetic, wimpy, limp wristed attempts at doing something, while Toyota, Datsun (now Nissan), Honda and the rest said “Ok, we hear you. We’ll give you high mileage “mini” SUV’s that are economical, have hints of luxury, tons of common sense, AND they will last you a whole bunch of years and hold thier re-sale value for you,…anything else you want? We’re listening.”

       So screw an auto bailout! “But what about the poor people that will lose their jobs, the hundreds of “downstream companies” that will close up and dump even more folks on the street.”As Marie Antionette once said, “Let them eat cake.” —for now, read on and I’ll address them and their plight.

       So far as GM, FORD, and Chrysler go,….thanks for the memories you just went broke, get over it! No workers, No unions, no pompous ass Ron Guittelmen type Union bosses struttin’ their stuff.

       Now let’s address those downstream firms, the alternator manufacturers, the tire manufacturers, the ashtray makers, etc. I propose the Federal Government subsidize your firms to a maximum of 30% of your annual sales over the past ten year average, IF you lay no one off, and IF you aggressively re-tool and compete for the Toyota, Nissan, and Honda parts and pieces. This offer is good for the next five years provided you agree to a “freeze” on all wages for EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE, including all your management from the Chairman of the Board down. (Gee, no one is unemployed, everyone is motivated to produce top quality at competitive prices, no ugly “Executive Retreats” or “Golden Parachutes” and we will help you do everything in your power, and our resources and power to “Reform and Recover” for five years. (Oh yeah, as a “perc” for everyone at those qualified firms, there will be absolutely NO corporate taxes, No payroll taxes, and the reasonable suspension of all silly ass regulations on your business, all you need do is ask for it, and support your argument to an Independent Board of Business People.  (IBBP)

      The IBBP is going to be a “last say court” of highly credible and independent business people from all manner and scope of businesses, and ALL strata’s within that business from loading dock worker to former CEO, all “Volunteering” thier time and wisdom as retired business people who care about America. They will be exempt from lawsuit or any other form of “bleeding heart reaction” and tasked with making it easier for our businesses to get on with what they do best,….do business!

      This model will chart the way for total business “Reform and Recovery” in this country,….trust me on this.

      Any other companies who want to participate in the “Reform and Recovery” program that I propose will be “allowed to join” if they too can present a case for joining, and getting all or some of the elements of the above program applied to them.

      All of these companies approved to receive the up to 30% subsidy of thier average of last ten years sales, will be able to receive it, or an amount to increase thier sales to that baseline established. As the “Reform and Recovery” program kicks in that amount will be reduced until sales are where they were over the past ten year average, WITHOUT any further subsidy. Strict oversight of the use of the up to 30% subsidy will be done by the IBBP, mentioned above with a wide degree of authority of application ,so as to NOT impede business in it’s development

       Tomorrow I plan on taking on the abolition of all payroll taxes, and personal income taxes, great plan for that as well.

      Remember I am just one of a very small cadre of demented people who has escaped the “black helicopter” round-ups and will continue to evade and survive. I am a Patriot and American and thank God I can put in my two cents whether you like it or not. We believe NOT in “Power to the People”, but “Empower the People”, then they will figure it all out.



      Oh yeah, I’m full of righteous anger this afternoon and so you may find the solution to the “toxic” loans and bad mortgages over on my blog site. (After writing that one I’m off to the Pub to calm down before I “stroke out”!


  1. I did take you up on your invitation to send this to my friends. I copied and emailed to them.

    Thank you for speaking up.

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