Posted by: guinness222 | February 10, 2009

“There’s gotta be a better way!”

       Ever been stuck and have to do somethig really depressing, gross, nasty, labor intensive,….or all of the above, and think to yourself  “there has to be a better way”.  Well, that’s just about where I am on this whole stock market/financial institution thing.

     Public flogging was an extremely effective method of “behavior modification”, but then again let’s just assume we don’t want to “modify” the behavior, let’s just suppose we want it to cease. The guillotine was very effective at stopping behavior “dead” in it’s tracks. (Pun was intended 🙂 )

      So why do I feel this entire fiasco is simply a bunch of bloody pirates divvying up the booty abd seeing who the weakest links were and “offing them”.

     With my birthday coming up the 22nd, well I think a 15 clip Glock would be a great present to get myself. Something new, modern, stylish, perhaps some teflon coated rounds to get through the bullet proof  “hoodies” so popular with the “stick ’em up” crowd. or perhaps a plastic hollow point filled with salt, sort of a “gift that keeps on giving” if you will.

        Just read today that the “left coast” liberal whacko Court system is about to tell California they have to REDUCE thier prison population by 40% because they are “over crowded”! DUH!! Since when did the Marriotts buy San Quenton and make it a spa? Let’s take a hint from our Great British forebears. They made Australia a penal colony and off the crooks, murders, rapists, and pedophiles went, out of sight out of mind, and frankly look what it accomplished. Twenty generations later we have a great country, proud people, and definately a government with it’s head screwed on straight! BUT let’s not screw them up with our garbage, let’s ship our “convicts” to the Antartica, and the Arctic. Global warming, …well hell they’ll figure out how to “cull the herd” and I’m pretty sure neither a liberal civil rights advocate for “misunderstood prisoners and detainees”, nor a wise ass dickwad will be given a voice in who’s who. Yeah let’s do that, and they gain thier freedom If they can figure out a cure for Global warming’s effects before the water gets up to thier kneecaps! “Swim Forest,..swim!”

       Am I the only person that still thinks the art of conversation is the meaningful exchange of ideas, opinions and thoughts, and not statements like, “You are absolutely correct and I share your opinion, but the critical nature of the discussion and the timeing of the vocabulary entwined with the philosophic inferences that could possibly be misconstrued and lend creedance to a dangerous application of a reverse psychology that would result in further damaging the intended effect and prolong the current level of danger and potential catastrophy in adverse ratios we could not manage adequately. I’m sure you will agree.” (Whad he say bro?)

      Sorry guys, I’m “stimulused”, “TARPed”, and other wise in dire need of a 22oz pint of Guinness. The world will have to wait for my decision until later this week!




  1. Face facts – everybody is screwed. By everybody, I mean all commerce on this planet is going to be deep in sh*t due to this crap spewed from The Capital City. With that kind of cash they could have given everybody free housing in the USA AND ran a ‘Manhattan style’ project which would eliminate the need for oil. Slime tends to stick, so everything some slimy types touch gets messed up.

    What to do? Corner the apple and pencil market! Yup, apples that one eats. Remember all those photos of the previous Great Depression? What were those guys selling on street corners? Apples and pencils dude.

    As for me, I’m getting a spear gun, fins, and mask. Calamari salads and pasta might hold me over. Been in survival mode now for almost ten years, I’ll get by. Hell, might even thrive. Been looking at rentals in Rome recently – ALL empty bookings. Time to make a deal dude. Had a great meeting yesterday – the guy has been waiting for me to get in touch with him for about a year and I did not know it. I planted a seed via a small action and maybe I shall have a tree providing fruit. Keep your ears and eyes open Guinness dude – you probably have opportunities all around you. As the great Bob said “When you’re down on your luck, in Warez, and negativity don’t pull you thru…”
    Go Positive.

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