Posted by: guinness222 | February 11, 2009

“Watch out for the,…..ooops!”

         Was that my foot you tripped on,…gee I’m sorry. (Like Hell I am!) Today I’ve been plagued with that type of “evil” thought all day. Sort of the “what the hell, I need a diversion of harsh funny” But anyway.

        Went out to “Stinky’s Fish Camp” for dinner last night, my sister-in-law’s last night in town and she was off to Massachusetts, snow, ice, oil heating bills that would make a Sheik cringe. Always enjoy having her down, I know she tells my wife ease up on me and it generally works for a month or so afterward. Besides I let them go play “Thelma & Louise” with NO problem. After all for any of you guys who have had to accompany your wife and girlfriend, sister or other female because you are “expected to be civil” after the initial trip when you get grilled with the old, “Well you were just about anti-social today at the exhibit on the Quilting of six continents. ” You know what I mean guys? Just how the hell am I supposed to get excited about quilting, let alone discuss it with even a hint of intelligence. “That’s one of those things that go on the bed during the cold winter ,…right? It’s easier just to go to Bed Bath and Beyond and buy a blanket!” (Trust me that will be your last “road trip”)

       My buddy sims advises I should corner the market on apples and pencils early. Sort of a prepare for the future kind of thing.

      Speaking of the future, last fall when I had pretty much depleted what was left of my 401K retirement plan, I told you about the Sirius XM Sattellite radio stock I bought for my two granddaughters, shit it was only $0.15 a share, so I bought them each 500 shares, a whopping $75.00. It’s been putzing along at 12, 11, 14, 16, 11, etc. The other day one of my trader buddies flips me an e-mail that it has been moved to a “hold” situation by one of the big genius firms. They are forecasting it to go to $0.55 by the end of 2009. Cool! It would be worth $137.50. (“Way to go Grandpa, triple my money in 10 months! You’re the best Grandpa ever!”)

       So this morning I get up, flip on the CNBC channel to check on what’s happening, and WTF, Did he just say they were contemplating bankruptcy???

       So here we are, the Pub is on the grid for 10 minutes from now, and it closed at $.05 a share. (“Way to go Grandpa, shot the shit out of my investment in less than a month,….a 60% loss! So you gonna make my next tuition payment,…huh Grandpa?)

       Time for a beer,….but I’m willing to bet by the time I get to the Pub there will be a bulletin that Sirius filed for Bankruptcy after the market closed.

      A new personal record! I’ve picked another loser and ridden it into oblivion. (Why do I feel like Slim Pickens riding that nuclear bomb down swinging my cowboy hat and going “Yeee-Haawww!”


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