Posted by: guinness222 | February 16, 2009

“It’s not me! Hoorah!!”

            I love it when I’m right! Don’t you? The Boy King is learning I was, am , and will be right,….so listen to me! Another one of our clients had a few Board members resign from their positions because they thought the “cadre of clowns” making up the rest of the Board were crazy! (I pegged that the very first time I went to a meeting and saw how insane and anal retentive they were. (Like interviewing 27 people for a $7 an hour job, and expecting a retired CEO from a S&P 100 firm. DUH!!!)

        But enough of work, I gotta go there in an an hour or so, (well actually I have a tele-conference at 9 am from my home office, why not sit in my sweats with a fresh cup of coffee, instead of at the office in a damn uncomfortable office chair,…duh!) Gotta remember to go look up one of those Herman Miller Aeron Chairs and check them out.

         Tomorrow at noon is my “Phase One” of the Stress test I gotta take. I go at noon, sit quietly, they shoot me up with a radioactive dye, take a bunch of pictures to see where it goes, and how fast while I’m in a “resting state”. Then Wednesday I go in at 8am and they pump me up with  dye, put me on the treadmill and see how long and hard I can go before my heart and lungs scream “STOP”. (I figure that’ll take about three minutes max,…and yes I’m that out of shape, ….but I keep telling them ’round’ IS a shape.) Now you have to remember I joined the gym about a month and a half ago, but have to wait to get the green light from the Doc after this stress test before I can  begin to do anything.

         Weekend was “ok”, not spectacular, but “ok”. Went to see that new movie, “The International” , very good take if you are a conspiricy type, and I daresay probably more truth in it than we can really handle.,…but that’s my opinion.

         Had a couple pints at the Pub with two or three friends yesterday afternoon. (My friend Jack from Ontario lent me a “gizmo” he bought up there that plugs into your cigarette lighter in the car and holds you iPod, not only does it recharge it as you go, but there is a switch on the side and you set it to one of three preset FM radio settings and when you hit play it pumps it out through your car speakers,….cool or what. I’ll let you know how it works tomorrow.

           Love my “two screen” computer set up. I’m writing this on my main screen, and on my second screen watching CNBC and a report on How GM is trying to make a comeback.

         Bought a couple of new books on investing to read yesterday, and am searching for an old item I used to use very effectively. It is a loose leaf notebook that had the covers and the spine that pull away from the binder part and fold back to make it balance itself and stay open standing up, that way you can use it for reference, etc, almost like a presenter.

          Just had a flashI haven’t heard used yet that is so obvious. Bernie Madoff, the big Ponzi scheme embezzler, how about a bumper sticker that says, “Hi! I’m Bernie, and I Madoff with your money, catch me if you can!

         Well, gotta get ready to sound like I know what I’m doing!

         See you tomorrow.


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