Posted by: guinness222 | February 19, 2009

“He lives!!,….and Doctors lie!”

    Just a quick one, I’m here not dead,…passed the stress test, but the blood pressure was up thinking abpout how the hospital was screwing the insurance companies on the whole thing,…but on to other things,…..So I live,….Yea!

      The “Doctors lie” part, ….well after the stress test while I’m standing there huffing and puffing and the Cardiologist is looking at the results, which all look regular and no “blips” on the chart or “gaps” (please bear in mind I am not a cardiologist, just a practicing “nosey bastard”. “So , How’s it look Doc?” , says I. “Oh, it looks fine I don’t see any problems here.” So I turn to get my gear and the Nurse goes over and in a lower tone he says something like , “ok,…see right there the little up tick that’s barely noticable?” , “Oh yeah,” she says and that”s it. Doctors all tell you “it’s fine” “Everything looks good,” etc., etc.  Now the next step is a couple of weeks from now, when despite my ranting ,raving, and otherwise pain in the ass rhetoric my phone will sit quietly on my hip. Finally I’ll call the Doctor and say , “WELL?” and one of two things will happen, they will say something like, “Well everything was fine, if there had been a problem we would have gotten back to you”,….OR,…”Oh, The Doctor said he will be calling you in  little while, he is in clinic right now, but I’ll let him know you called.”

        Stay tuned, I’ll let you know, have to head out to an Insurance Conference from 9 to 1 this morning.



  1. Glad to hear you passed your stress test. They could have used that damn thing during the Spanish Inquisition. It is much worse than being stretched out on the rack. The problem I had with it was the legs. They were giving out long before my breath was being sucked in like a bellows. But I made it though okay. I suggest you start emailing them every half hour until the doctor calls you.

  2. Doctors lie?!! REALLY!??? LOL! 😉

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