Posted by: guinness222 | February 20, 2009

“I hereby declare an end to this madness!”

        As you all know I’m going to try and take my monthly Social Security “stipend” and make it work for me in the stock market. As I’ve been getting ready to begin this “hobby”, it has become extremely apparent that we are in like a huge tooth cavity. From the little piece of candy with the really high sugar content, that tasted fantastic at the time, and the “forgetting” to brush your teeth but maybe once a week because you got a little lazy for a year or so, and then forgetting to call and make the appointment for the annual check up with the Dentist, and then a few years later, while eating a big bowl of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Ice cream, an ice cold steel “spike” of pain almost drove you to tears, you go in and look at yor teeth, and you see a little cavity and think, “Well it shouldn’t hurt that much, it’s only a tiny cavity.” And then you go back and eat more ice cream carefully shifting it with your tongue to the other side of your mouth to avoid the little cavity. You move on with your life and make a little , low priority note, to make an appointment with the Dentist, but after a week or two it is virtually forgotten. Then one evening at a party you are “gnoshing” on a canopies with a very tasty but hard cracker, and as you bite down you become aware of something “breaking”. You quietly excuse yourself, go to the wash room, and look in the mirror,….and half your tooth is gone!! Just touching it leads to flashes of pain, and you know what you must do first thing tomorrow morning regardless of the schedule you have for the morning or the appointments you have made, so after a night of virtually no sleep, intermittent pain, and your sixth motrin with out much relief anymore, you pick up the phone at 7:30 and call the Dentist’s Office.

        “Ah yes good morning, this is Mr. Market, and I think I might have a broken tooth or something. Could I get an appointment with Doctor Stock to look at it? 1 this afternoon is the earliest? Are you sure I couldn’t sneak in earlier?,…..Ok I’ll be there at 1:00. Thank You.

        1:00. “Mr. Market? Doctor Stock can see you now.” Follow me please.

        A little while later Dr. Stock pulls down his face mask, puts down his evil little picking device that shot great pangs of pain through every cell of Mr. Markets body as Dr. Stock poked and prodded.

        “Mr, Market, we have a problem here. Apparently a little surface cavity has just been festering and growing within the tooth and causing a large area of decay that we could not see. Now let me see, your last check up was ,…oh my, almost three years ago. No wonder it has gotten so big and deep, and there are even indications of an abscess, but I’ll have to take a few X-rays to be sure, then we can discuss a treatment plan here.

       There you have it, our current situation in the United States. I will elaborate for you.

       Everyone talks about the “Wall Street executives” who “caused this mess”, and the thieves and swindlers like Bernie Madeoff and this new idiot Stanford,….but the reality is they are in fact the “purists” of the economy. They eat, live, breathe and get up every day , Monday thru Friday, for one thing,….to make money in the Stock Market! Anyone out there disagree?

         Now, we KNOW for sure, what they want, can we say the same for our elected officials, the ones who “guide our country”? I think not. Call me a cynic, call me a naysayer, but I guarantee you every day I wake up I know EXACTLY what they want, why they get up, and what they are going after all day. Is it right,…not mine to say,but are they honest,….YES, absolutely,…so I know where I stand with them, can I say the same thing about our “duly elected officials”, from the big kahuna down,…..I think not.

         So naturally I tend, in my older age and all, to gravitate toward the Wall Street boys” as the real “truth sayers”. They get out there everyday and put thier money on the line! There is an old expression that says, “Money talks,….bullshit walks!” And I for one believe it’s true. This week, in fact Thursday Rick Santelli, a former “trader” with the silly little colored coat who actually made his living “working” the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and more recently a commentator on CNBC the “eyes and ears ” of Wall Street spoke up, on air, at about 7:30 in the morning, from the floor of the Exchange. (See the end of this blog for his comments on video) I for one agree 110% with him as echoing the real thought in the heart of every American, especially those of us trying like hell every day to earn enough to make our mortgage payment, pay our bills, and get to tomorrow.

       Enough said, Rick says it far better with less words, and dead on target. Thank you Rick,….you da’ man!!!

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      One thing about Wall Street, they work Monday thru Friday , and they all go home for the weekend to relax. If we could put this kind of passion and motivation in our elected officials,…well,…there would be hope,…but unfortunately it’s the “same old, same old”!

        God help us all!


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