Posted by: guinness222 | February 23, 2009

“The markets going my way!”

    Ok, make sense of that remark.

    It’s easy as pie, since I don’t have any money in the market now (Not a brilliant strategy by me, just the fact that it already gobbled it all up and made me mad, so I’m going back in next month and using my Social Security Payment to try and recover my 401k, my own stupidity for not investing in my own strategies, etc.)

        Ok to answer the question, so “Why is the market going my way good”?  Easy folks, the most fundamental, easiest , and even a concept that a kindergarten child can understand,… is my investing strategy, pay attention,….buy low,….sell high. The lower it goes the more it mathamatically supports my objective, let’s think about it. If I bought General Electric when it was $53.45 a share I would be poised on the local bridge trying to decide whether a two and a half gainer, or a “belly flop” would be more appropriate,….because it’s only $8.97 a share now! Cool, firstly, I did not lose the $44.48 like I would have if I bought it back then, secondly, do you really think that GE is going out of business? Of course not. And do you really think a firm that big, that well diversified. that well funded, and that cash full is going to “fold”? Of course not, so the lower the price goes the better it is for me. My decision point does not become “At what point should I sell it?”, but converesly, “When should I buy it?”

          Now I thought last week may have been “buy time”, but the absolutely confused “deer in the headlights” look of our political leadership tells me we have a little ways more to go. I think it may “piddle around” at the low of $8.50, but that has got to be the basement. Bear in mind as well that any company with cash might find this a good time to buy back some of thier own stock and “shore up” it’s long term viability and insure they can raise more money when the improvement cycle gets here.

        My “Pub Buddies” in the market all preface thier statements with the following disclaimer, “Remember anything you heard from a guy in a bar should remain suspect” , I will add that disclaimer to this post as well.

        BUT, go ahead and tell me the strategy is stupid! I dare you,….for afterall to become wealthy in the market one must buy low, sell high. (Now I know why a lot of my firends that are investors are drinking heavily, they bought high (read as “bombed out of thier mind and stupid, and can’t bring themselves to sell low)

        On another front my wife goes back to her second job working Wednesday eveniong and Friday evening in a “female store” (i.e. dresses, blouses, you know that kind of “stuff”) so new clothes will cost her less again starting in March, and I get a wee bit longer on my “kitchen pass” for the Pub. This is proof of the  classic scientific theorm that for every action there is a reaction,….or something like that!

        So anyone else got some good “solid” stock tips for me to research and see if they are valid ? I will give you a personal e-mail response, but remember, “You heard it from a guy in a Pub.” 😉



  1. I don’t know about stock tips, but I get annoyed when I hear chronic drinkers complain about their aches and pains when you tell them it’s the alcohol causing it… all of us male our beds, after all! 😉

  2. My tip…take you cash and stick it under your mattress or buried in the yard in a mason jar.

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