Posted by: guinness222 | March 1, 2009

“Alas, (sigh)…. Sunday again!”

        I must make some decisions in the next fifteen days or so, on a number of fronts. Both business, personal, and overall. (Sounds kind of ominous doesn’t it?)

        I will not get into them now, but maybe in a couple weeks as I make them I will share them with you. I find I actually do much better at decision-making , crisis reaction, and generally all things of that ilk when under severe pressure. Why? Well I think it has something to do with what I call the “on/off switch syndrome”. As an example you either jump off the brige with the bungee jumping cord attached to you, or you don’t, either way you made the decision, so live with it. Don’t”second guess” yourself, don’t “over rationalize it” , etc. etc., like the Nike Ad says, “Just do it!”

        Well so much for that topic,…for now.

        Going to the Pub in a few minutes to have a coupe of pints , then going out to eat with several friends about 6:30p.m. (all gathering at the pub for “cocktails” before we adjourn to the local restaurant). Well before I go I have to clean out the cats litter boxes, take out the trash, make the coffee maker ready for the morning, and take my evening vitamins. Sure I could delay it til later, but then I’d have to go into “work mode” after I got home from a nice meal with firends and perhaps a few glasses of “Vino”. So this will be kind of short for me today.

        Does anyone out there have a clue if you can make like strips for the spine of looseleaf binders where the letters run and read from top to bottom, like,  H





             I am using Vista and M/S Office 2007, and it’s “so easy” (yeah right you evil programmer types who wrote it!! I hope your fingers get superglued to your tooth brushes!) The number of things it can do seems to have satisfied “all of the people all of the time”,….but me! Sorry to be difficult but if I wanted to be confused this much I would have read the manual and taken Hemlock! What ever happened to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)?

          And while I’m on stupid microsoft rants, my simple little remote program that lets me tap into my office computer and take care of my e-mail from home in the morning is on it’s fourth week in the “intensive care ward” of the company that wrote it. Latest word is “It must have something to do with Microsoft Vista the operating system.” “Brilliant Watson, so fix it or start giving me a credit for it on my account!

          In other trivia, Boy King is beside himself since he found out he is going to wind up paying more now for the “better and less expensive vendor” than he was told. (A classic case of “Ready, Shoot, Aim”, but hardly surprising,….as an old Jewish friend would say, ..”Vata Putz!”

          One last bold point for mankind, when am I getting my bailout check? I’ve been patient, and I’m still waiting,…tap,tap,tap!

        Paul Harvey died yesterday, so I guess there is no rest of the story!



  1. What can I say in response to this? Strangely enough, I was also pondering the “keep it simple stupid” approach today. Are you a mind-reader? Are you my lost twin? My soulmate? Or doppledanger?

    And no– that bailout cash would be like handing crack cocaine to a brain-damaged commercial pilot— not a bright idea.

    So tell me, how do you feel about the fact that I hear a news brief about a murder-suicide this evening and it started to sound like a viable option after I read the word, “check” in your latest entry?!!!

    I have this recurring nightmare where I keep getting these calls from someone who stole my car and it’s not pretty at all, I tell you! I end up moving in with the murderer and I keep having to wake myself up before I die in my sleep!!!!

    I can think of a few things I would like to spell down the side of my loose leaf binder too…

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