Posted by: guinness222 | March 5, 2009

“Can we all be that stupid?”

         I’m really a pretty simple guy, BUT I almost feel like I live in a forest of mushrooms! Here’s a few of the hings that puzzle me to no end;

        1) IF my boss, “The Boy King” really believes that his “vendor” offered him a “comparable group rate’ on a health plan of $2,000  a  month, well I’ve got this OceanFront property in Minot North (or South) Dakota I’d like to talk to you about buying!

        2) In the old days ifyour business could not continue running you either , grabbed the money and ran, or took the honorable road of bankruptcy, and moved on. Why do all of these GM, Ford, Chrysler, and financial “geniuses” think WE owe them to save their ass and give them money  than is comprehend-able because they say they need it? “Say Pop, give me a c-note, I gotta go meet Mary for a “latte grande”. (Maybe a bad example, Starbucks really thinks their stuff is worth that kind of money! HEY,…it’s only coffee!)

         3) Learned a new term last evening. I was having a pint with a friend, Dave, who is only 47 and he had a heart attack about five years ago. Very intense guy, sells timeshare resorts to tourists. (Yeah,at first they were surprised as it is widely held that timeshare salesmen have no heart. “Look, I like you so I’ll take your food stamps for the down payment,…sign here.) Anyway, learned a new word, coined and used exclusively in the good old US of A. A “Walletopsy”, it means prolonged continuation of testing and confirmation periods as long as the health insurance company will continue to pay for it.

             4) Why is gasoline over $2.00 a gallon when oil is only $36 a barrel. Old math, 1 barrel = 55 gallons. 55 gallons times $2.00 a gallon = $110. Gross Profit  = $72 – processing costs, $10, – Corporate Bonuses $65 = Deficit cost of operations $3. Silly me , give those poor Arabs another $0.50 at the pump to overcome their shortfalls. It’s the new American way!

             5) Ready to start a new TV series? I was around in the Hostage days of the late 70’s, before Reagan became President and good old Wolf Blitzer “made his bones” with his 15 minute 7 day a week late night update on the hostages. It was called something like “America held hostage- Day 276”. I’m going to call mine “America in Crisis- Day 45, no “stimulus” check yet!” I’ll feature live video feeds of whole families sitting unemployed at the house watching their 64″ plasma TV eating Kentucky Fried with doleful looks and whining little babies in the background. And perhaps counter that with a “covert” video of a St. Patricks day party at the Country Club, as folks arrive in the Rolls and Bentleys.

             6) Given the IQ of politicians, and the IQ of businessmen, we need three week term limits on politicians. Of course if you put money on the table businessmen will show up. It’s like “chumming” the sharks, but like sharks if the “food”, a/k/a/ money goes away, so will the sharks.

             7) The CFO of GE said this morning they were going to have a meeting for the public where they will be doing  a “deep dive” into all the facets of the company to be more “transparent” with the public. (Question,…how come Bernie Madoff and Stanford never did “deep dives” with their shareholders and the public? Guess they couldn’t swim, let alone dive. Incidentally I have a problem feeling sorry for someone who pisses away several million of their dollars without doing due diligence and then whine!)

            8) Maybe in two years the rest of the “regular folks” will once again realize ,”We dun been screwed,…. again!” Too late Bubba get back on your oar and pull!


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