Posted by: guinness222 | March 6, 2009

” I need to see you in my office at 9 am.”

    God do I hate those mkind of bullshit memo’s!! So I called the office and asked for the “boss” , his reply to the receptionist, “Tell him I’ll get back to him in a while.” Which of ourse he didn’t. So here it is, 7:15am, and I’m ready to go tear him a new A**hole. (Just a heads up to you guys, in case I’m off line for a few days while the charges are being sorted out. and they decide whether it is pre-meditated or a “crime of passion”, or simply insanity.)

        That 4:45pm memo about the “I need to see you at 9 tomorrow morning” is one of the oldest, and most overworked “You are in deep shit” pieces of bad management 101 known to mankind.

       On other fronts I am holding my own in the stock market, all be it only $500 invested at this time (Working on my systems and testing my strategies. Why lose big bucks “testing”?)

       Chattted with two of my clients and they said, “Just tell us when you are breaking out we’re with you.” Proof that if you do the job right things run smoothly, clients trust you, and they will work with you.

       On to news # 1; Seems there is s blockage of about 80% in my left carotid artery (That’s the big throbbing one that runs up the side of your neck. Put your first two fingers there and you’ll find it throbbing away,…see?) . Anyway got an appointment next tuesday, the 10th with a “vascular surgeon” for him to evaluate it. Seems there are basically three options for handling it, and he will go over ot with me after I meet with him and he does his own tests (Same basic test I had done last November that started this whole mess!). That cretes anxiety factor #1 for today.

       #2 “I need to met wth you at 9:00am tomorrow” – addressed a little earlier in this blog so I won’t go over the same ground. That creates anxiety factor # 2. (at least for 94 more minutes)

       #3 “Who was that masked man?” When is the “economic stimulus” check coming? It’s not, and recent “rumblings are the President, “Barry O” is considering eliminating a lot of really critical income tax deductions to “raise more money for the government to cover it’s debt”. Did I approve “bailing out greedy stupid bankers? Did I approve giving the greedy stupid Auto manufacturers billions of dollars that they pissed through in three months? Did I approve the government even sticking thier nose into business in the first place? NO, NO, NO but you want me to “pony up” money to cover your ass? (Please fill in your revolution applications and get them back to me this week so we can move forward.)

         #4 As I said yesterday I had an ear ache so I was able to get the Doc to squeeze me in at 10:45 to check it out. I get there they ask for my medical insurance card and they tell me it’s expired. I told them yes, I knew, but we had a new plan with the same company and they look it up and it ain’t there! I call the office to get the new number and they don’t know and I’m told call the vendor. I call the vendor and they tell me we really don’t have a plan yet, “but we’re working on it”! What kind of bull**** is that? The girl at the desk gives me the old “We really can’t take care of you unless you can pay cash, the full amount now.” (I told you I am a saint, but now I know why they have the thick glass windows between them and the patient, and it ain’t to save them from airborne germs! I tell her we’ve been patients for over seven years and get, “I’m sorry. My supervisor is out today and I don;t have the power to change the policy. So.”  “Well ask the Doctor?” “Well I guess I could.” Five minutes later she’s back and says “Well he’ll see yo but you will have to pay $53 before he can see you,….Cash or Credit Card?”


       “We will, we will rock you, rock you” -Queen


  1. Komrade! Is it now time to pick up bricks to throw and fill bottles with gasoline?

    Time to storm the evil powers?

    Seriously, sounds like you’ve been handed some tough duty, sailor. Hang in there buddy. Phew… maybe one of your high-powered friends down there can advise you on this. You need to get that artery taken care of.

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