Posted by: guinness222 | March 10, 2009

“So Doc, will I live?”

    Well that was today’s adventure, go visit the vascular surgeon to see what he thinks. His first comment? “Gee you look pretty young to be here looking for surgury,…why are you here?” So I told him and he bagan to smile, “Yeah, I know Dr. Mike,…those internists are all alike, they want me to make the call. So you ever have a heart attack, a stroke, pass out, fall down dizzy, huh?” So I thought it all over for three seconds and said, “No,…not that I know of anyway.”

        “Trust me”, says the Doc, “you would know if you had. He skims thought eh file, nods a few times and says, “Look we operate if it’s really bad, and only then. Surgery is trauma, and I don’t want anyone stroking out because I could make a few extra bucks operating on them,…you know what I’m saying?”

        “Aaaaaah, yeah,…so where does that leave us?”

        “Well I’ll write Mike (my Doc”) a letter and we’ll just do the catheter thing on you and see what’s what. It’s almost an ‘in by nine out by five “deal.

       “So what kind of deal and how big an incision?”

       “No incision it’s like a ‘needle’, the catherter is about 4 french (huh?), we put it in the femoral artery in your groin, run it up through the heart, take a ton of pictures and “zip” pull it out and you’re outta here.”

      “That’s it? You don;t make a decision and do stents and bypasses and stuff like that, like right then and there?”

      “Naw, I like to sit down and review all the pictures and really think about stuff before I go cutting. So no way, unless it’s like major league bloked and closed,…which I don’t think it is. Besides I don’t like going in several times, so I make the right decisions the first time.”

        “But what about all the blockage talk?”

       “Look everyone has some blockage, it happens, but since you’ve never had a stroke, or a heart attack or any of the other stuff, why mess with you. You saw all the folks out there in the lobby,shit, you’re twenty years younger than most of them , so relax.”

        So with that he is scheduling me for a catheter, and here’s the real kicker, the surgeon doing it is the Chief of Medicine at the Hospital, and……the “Boy Kings” Step Father!!

        Time for a couple of Guinnessand some soul searching. Should I tell the surgeon his step son is an asshole, or just bite my tongue and smile?

       Here’s looking at you!



  1. Been there, done that…no sweat. But they did put a stint in while they were there…and changed my oil and lubed the chassis.

  2. I’m sure he already knows that the boy king is an asshole. I like the sound of the doc you went to see though. I think he’s one of the few that have realized you don’t stress out people with blockages.

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